Weekly Patch 21: Channel Lightning

Hey everyone,It’s time for the weekly patch! This week’s focus was on tasks to ensure a smooth launch for character three into the beta branch next week. However, there are bug fixes as usual, a new language (Serbian!), seed consistency, and scroll bar…

Ranching Upgrade Mark II Preview Is Here!

Hello friends!It’s the start of the third trimester for Ranching Upgrade Mark II. Through extensive breeding, Duplicants have begun observing strange eggs… could this be a new species variation? Or a whole new creature? In addition, they’ve just fina…

Daedalic Publisher weekend on Steam

The Daedalic publisher sale on Steam starts today. Until Monday you will find discounts with up to 90% on highly popular games like The Deponia Series, Shadow Tactics, The Long Journey Home or Ken Follett’s The Pillars of the Earth on Steam. 

With the start of the sale, Daedalic will kick off a 96h long video broadcast on their Steam landingpage. Developer talks, Let’s Plays plus videos with popular streamers as well as industry partners will provide entertainment and information about numerous Daedalic games.

Watch one of Germany’s biggest Streamer “Gronkh” play Witch It against Daedalic co-founder and creative director “Poki”. Join Shadow Tactics developer Mimimi in their Let’s Play session, talking about gameplay aspects and tactics. Daedalic’s technical director Nick Prühs will talk in depth about the company’s focus on the Unreal Engine and why it’s t he company’s choice for all future productions. 

You can find find the full streaming schedule here: Link

Daedalic Publisher Sale bei Steam

Heute startet der Daedalic Publisher Sale bei Steam. Von Donnerstag 19:00 Uhr bis Montag 19:00 Uhr deutscher Zeit ist der gesamte Daedalic Katalog bei Steam reduziert, darunter sowohl neue Hits wie Shadow Tactics, Witch It, Die Säulen der Erde oder The Long Journey Home als auch Klassiker wie Deponia oder Edna & Harvey.

Parallel zum Sale stellt Daedalic einen rekordverdächtigen Stream auf die Beine. Über 96 Stunden liefern Entwickler, Artists, Partner und prominente Streamer Tech-Talks, Let’s Plays und viele weitere Überraschungen. 

Am Samstag hält der Stream ein besonderes Highlight bereit: Poki und Gronkh spielen Witch It. Wer Hexe und wer Jäger ist, ist noch nicht entschieden. Zudem könnte es gut sein, dass weitere prominente Namen dazu stossen oder es Community Matches gibt. 

Mimimi Productions stellt in einer exklusiven Let’s Play Session Shadow Tactics vor und gibt Einblicke in Gameplay sowie Taktiken. Nick Prühs, Technischer Direktor bei Daedalic, spricht in seiner Session über die Unreal Engine und warum Daedalic zukünftig nur noch damit entwickelt. Als weitere Partner sind dabei: Die Gamestar, King Art Games, Barrel Roll Games und viele mehr. 

Der Stream ist direkt bei Steam zu sehen – eine Übersicht des gesamten Programms gibt es hier: Link

Rocket League Server Performance Update

Hi everyone, today we wanted to provide an update on our servers and server performance. This should fill in the basics of what’s happened over the last few weeks, how we are handling it, and steps we’re taking to prevent these issues from happening ag…

Rocket League Teams Up With Nitro Circus

Two of the biggest names in sports-action entertainment are teaming up for 2018!Rocket League is now partnered with the daredevils at Nitro Circus[nitrocircus.com], one of the most thrilling brands in sports entertainment today! With shows[nitrocircus….

The Stygian Scorching Ray Effect

We’ve just released the Stygian Scorching Ray Effect that replaces the standard Scorching Ray effect with a spectral skull that emits a black flaming beam. Like the Phantasmal Whirling Blades Effect which was introduced earlier this week, the Stygian S…

Build of the Week: Poetry in Motion

In this episode of Build of the Week we’re doing something a little different. We’re looking at several similar builds used by a variety of classes, all of which use the unique wand The Poet’s Pen to trigger a specific set of spells. What results is a …