Working On A Game With A Goblin

I’m working on a new game about goblins and a lot of other stuff. It controls from a third person 3d perspective with pixel art. Aesthetic and mechanical inspirations include: Tom van den Boogaart Diaries of a Spaceport Janitor Mario 64 Zelda II Brutal Doom Tomb Raider Tenchu thecatamites classic theatrical animation and more.. And […]

Game Videos

I thought I’d start the new year off with a few videos that feature some of our recent game work. First up is a video of someone playing Braindead. Next up is Hot Throttle. This is a funny story. Back in May, I was out in Williamsburg to show Hot Throttle at Babycastles. There happened […]

Our Sketchbook

Kevin and I are both proponents of the tradition of carrying around multiple sketchbooks and scraps of paper, to jot down ideas and inspirations for future review. Evoking an idea often requires a prompt commitment of ink to paper, or text to keyboard, or it can be lost into the noise of modern life. I’ve […]

The Ambition of the Independent Video Game

This is a cute little essay on indie games, created by taking this NYTimes essay, and substituting ‘indie game’ for ’short story’. The independent video game is always ducking for cover. The Triple-A game buys up the land, cuts down the trees, puts up the condos. The independent video game scampers across a lawn, squeezes […]

Apple’s Intriguing iPhone SDK

Apple revealed details of its plan for third party iPhone and iPod Touch applications today. Overall, very cool. Gamewise, it’s fairly straightforward to get an OpenGL context up and running and to start playing around. How powerful is the hardware? The chipset and graphics coprocessor in the iPhone/iPod Touch is plenty powerful for creating games […]