The Pillars of the Earth available now from the Mac App Store

Today Daedalic Entertainment has announced that their highly anticipated game, The Pillars of the Earth, is now available for download from the Mac App Store. The adaption of the best-selling historical book of the same name by Ken Follett, The Pillars…

Die Säulen der Erde jetzt im Mac App Store erhältlich

“Die Säulen der Erde” ist ab heute im Mac App Store verfügbar. Das Spiel auf Basis des gleichnamigen historischen Bestsellers von Ken Follett erscheint in Form eines einzigartigen, in 2D gestalteten, interaktiven Romans. Teil…

Mac Ports for Standard Bits, Shit Game

I’ve ported a couple of my games to the Mac. They’ve previously been available for Windows only. As always, you can find these along with several other of our other free games at the Doomlaser Standard Bits Download for Mac or Download for Windows Your character is a single pixel who roams an interconnected […]

Das Cube!

So I’ve just finished a little iPhone game with my friends Alec Holowka and Danny B. It’s a simple physics-based color smashing kind of thing, with lots of explosions. Get it in the App Store The Lowdown Way back when the App store first rolled around, Alec and I put together a game engine and […]

Apple’s Intriguing iPhone SDK

Apple revealed details of its plan for third party iPhone and iPod Touch applications today. Overall, very cool. Gamewise, it’s fairly straightforward to get an OpenGL context up and running and to start playing around. How powerful is the hardware? The chipset and graphics coprocessor in the iPhone/iPod Touch is plenty powerful for creating games […]