Weekly Journal – A Tale of Two Conventions

Hi everyone,  
This week we will discuss all the preparations that go on behind attending a convention!
As you know, we are a medium sized studio that makes video games. While crafting games is our main passion, it would be wasted if we didn&…

Weekly Journal – Joy Retrospective

Hi everyone,  
Welcome to our new journal format! As we approach the final release of the game, our weekly journals will be looking back on development, at the evolution of individual parts of the game. Think of the next few months as a gigantic r…

Weekly Journal – Sunshine of your love

Hey everyone,  
It’s February already and we are feeling the love in the studio! If you are on our social media then you might have seen that we are reposting love songs from the 60s and all the beautiful fan art you’ve been sending us…

Production Update and Story Teaser

Having recently reached our “content complete” milestone, the team has conducted a thorough review of the game, beginning to end. You can listen to Guillaume and Sam chat about it in the accompanying video, but bottom line: the team has bu…

Weekly Journal – Happy New Year!

Hey everyone,  

Most of the office is now back at work after a much needed holiday break and we are ready to take on 2018!  
Hi everyone, happy new year! From everyone here at Compulsion, we hope you’ve had time ove…

Weekly journal – Happy Holidays!

Hey everyone,  
It is finally the holidays and we are more than ready to take a break and recharge before 2018 kicks in! But no rest for the wicked just yet, we still have a lot of work to do before some the team heads off to visit their families….

Weekly Journal – Yuletide Update

Hey everyone,  
The end of the year is upon us and things are getting festive around the office which really adds that extra sparkle to our development routine.  
Next week Alex and Lisa will be at MIGS (the Montreal International Game Summit…