Cinematography Tests

I have recently been testing RAW video recording on my Canon 100D with Magic Lantern firmware installed.
For the 100D / SL1 I have settled on a 2.50:1 aspect ratio at close to 1080p as the buffer isn’t that large on the camera.

Caffeine Episode One – Alpha 2016 Steam Branch

Hello everyone, I know that it has been slow going for Caffeine updates this year and would love to announce that I have added a new alpha build of Caffeine to Steam which will be available as a “beta” branch to everyone who owns the game already. The build in this new branch is being […]

Caffeine Episode One – Update v120 Details

Hello all, I know it has been a long while since I have updated Caffeine’s development and this has been in part because I recently became a father and of course my time has been mainly dedicated to that and my day job. Only recently have I been able to continue work on the final […]