Weekly Patch 22: Testing the Third Character

Hey everyone,

This week's patch focuses on input settings and a third character. The third character is now available in the beta branch! (You just need to start and end a Silent run to unlock the third character)

What's the Beta Branch?
The beta branch is a separate build of Slay the Spire you can opt into from Steam. Various content and features are tested in this branch before pushed into the main branch. As the third character is incomplete, it is available only in the beta branch until all the design quirks, art, effects, achievements, cards, and general balance are ironed out in the beta branch.

If interested in helping us finish up the third character, follow these handy instructions!

Weekly Patch 22: Testing the Third Character

Weekly Patch 22: Testing the Third Character

  1. Access the Properties of Slay the Spire from your Games Library.
  2. Select the BETAS tab within the Slay the Spire - Properties window.
  3. Navigate the dropdown "Select the beta you would like to opt into:" and select "beta".

IMPORTANT: If you want to use your saves from the main branch, copy/paste the preferences folder and rename it to betaPreferences. This folder can be found by accessing the Properties of Slay the Spire from your Games Library. Then in the LOCAL FILES tab, select the BROWSE LOCAL FILES... button.

Input Settings
This is part one in implementing keyboard/controller support for Slay the Spire! While full non-mouse controls are not yet available, your feedback and requests are greatly appreciated.

Weekly Patch 22: Testing the Third Character

Hotfix 4/28/2018
  • Fixing crashes for ZHS when viewing Rage card.
  • Updates for various languages.
  • ZHS logo reverted back to English logo.

Patch Notes

UI and Effects
  • Game Menu is now Game Settings and has an Input Settings tab.

Bug Fixes
  • Now always showing score in Run History Dropdown (even if 0).
  • Run History now always shows score, even if 0.
  • Run History would duplicate displayed runs when reopened.
  • Scrollbar now renders behind confirm button in GridCardSelect Screen.
  • Some redundant code on the red slaver removed for slight performance increase.
  • exhausted -> Exhausted on card descriptions.

  • Credits and Main menu logo are now localized for ZHS.
  • Shop assets are now translated for DEU, FRA, ITA, and KOR.
  • Updates for DEU, FRA, ITA, KOR, SPA, RUS, ZHS.
  • Strength and Dexterity power can now properly utilize localized periods.

See you next week! Though if you are in the beta, probably sooner.