Weekly Patch 21: Channel Lightning

Hey everyone,

It's time for the weekly patch! This week's focus was on tasks to ensure a smooth launch for character three into the beta branch next week. However, there are bug fixes as usual, a new language (Serbian!), seed consistency, and scroll bars! The scroll bars are really nice.

Weekly Patch 21: Channel Lightning Weekly Patch 21: Channel Lightning Weekly Patch 21: Channel Lightning
What could these orbs be?

Patch Notes

  • Anger card damage buffed by 1.
  • Crippling Poison rework: Apply 4 (7) Poison and 2 Weak to ALL enemies. Exhaust.
  • Feel No Pain card nerf. 4 -> 3 block. Upgraded: 6 -> 5 Block.
  • Immolate card buff: Adds a Burn to discard pile instead of draw pile.
  • Immolate card buff: 18 -> 21 damage.
  • Immolate+ card buff: 24 -> 28 damage.
  • J.A.X. Dealer event's cost of J.A.X. updated 100 -> 77 Gold.
  • Reckless Charge card is now Uncommon.
  • Reckless Charge+ card nerfed damage by 1.
  • Sneaky Strike card buff. 8 -> 10 damage. Upgraded: 12 -> 14 damage.
  • Wild Strike card is now Common.

Bug Fixes
  • Adding apostrophe to Pandora's Box.
  • Ascender's Bane was using the wrong apostrophe, causing data upload issues.
  • Bite now correctly works when last hitting in fast mode.
  • Calling Bell can no longer give multiple campfire option relics.
  • Curses that player's receive are now seeded.
  • Falling Event now correctly previews upgraded cards.
  • Falling Event's RNG is now seeded.
  • Fixed bug where Orichalcum relic never stopped flashing.
  • Fixed crash when travelling to a new room while a Bottle relic's screen was open.
  • Fixed issue where Awakened One could growl multiple times.
  • Gremlin Leader's minion summon is now seeded.
  • Match and Keep event is now seeded.
  • Membership Card relic no longer incorrectly lowers ? room chance.
  • Obtaining a bottled relic no longer removes other relics in the rewards screen/chest.
  • Patch Notes screen can scroll to the bottom now.
  • Saving and returning to the main menu on a boss now properly silences the boss BGM.
  • Saving improved so files are saved more consistently for slower hard drives.
  • Sensory Stone event wording fix.
  • Shiny Daily mod no longer has card upgrading-related bugs.
  • Shiny Daily Mod now correctly marks cards as seen (no longer shows ??? cards).
  • Slimes no longer make sounds if game is running in background and bg sounds are muted.
  • Thorns now correctly works when killing the spiker as the last enemy in fast mode.
  • Delay loading Run History data until the screen is opened.
  • Fixed several Shop screen assets that caused memory leaks.
  • Seeds are now utilized for gold rewards from events, chests, and various rooms.
  • Seeds are now utilized for many enemy actions that had unseeded randomness.
  • Seeds are now utilized for Matryoshka and Mummified Hand relics.
  • Seeds are now utilized for The Joust event.
  • Seeds are now utilized for The Mausoleum event.
  • Seeds are now utilized for various events and some missed Shuffle-based actions.
  • Seeds are now utilized for Wheel of Change event.
  • Seeds are now utilized for Wing Statue event.

UI and Effects
  • Adding disclaimer for Daily Climb that Achievements are disabled.
  • Adding disclaimer for Seeded Runs that Achievements and Leaderboards are disabled.
  • Card Quick Select now deselects hovered card on double tap.
  • Crippling Poison -> Crippling Cloud.
  • Cursed Key now pulses when you are in a chest room.
  • Language dropdown menu now has a larger max.
  • Pickup vs Pick up wording consistency.
  • Question Card indicates it works on future card rewards as it's no longer a boss relic.
  • Scroll bars have been added to many screens.
  • Updated art for Card Removal Service at shops

  • Added new language: Serbian (Cyrillic) and Serbian (Latin)
  • Cleaning up whitespaces/tabs for ENG json files (formatting). Thanks Vlad
  • Several images in the shop are now localized for ZHS.
  • Support for custom capitalization on card keywords (for French).

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