Chester One v2.4.5 – Minor Bug Fixes

Patch 2.4.5 is out now and includes a few small changes and bug fixes.

:CupcakeGreen: The shop item to unlock a random 'Other' bestiary page should now function correctly.
:CupcakeRainbow: The odds of getting a new bestiary enemy page when buying them has been increased.
:CupcakeBlue: Achievements that could potentially have been skipped are checked on load.
:CupcakeBlack: Cleaned up the progress-chain achievements. Went from 236 to 96 total without really losing any achievements!

If you encounter any bugs please report them here.
:CupcakeYellow: Enjoy! :CupcakeYellow:

2.5 is still on the way and should be entering beta sometime over the next few weeks. :CupcakePurple: