HD Update 2.4.X is live, celebrate with a Sale!

The Most Important News Since the Last Thing You Read!
Update 2.4 "Gettin' HD With It" is now live.
To celebrate such a monumental and reality altering moment :CupcakeYellow:Chester One will be 33% off:CupcakeYellow: for the next week!

Update 2.4 Notes
  • :CupcakeRainbow: Improved HD Support - Sharper visuals and unlocked resolution settings.
  • :CupcakeCottonCandy: Camera Zoom - Zoom in and out using the +/- keys or your shoulder buttons.
  • :CupcakeOrange: UI Updates - While the next patch will focus on the UI a few small changes and placeholder elements snuck into this update. You can scale the level UI elements with F1/F2 or by clicking your Thumbsticks.
  • :CupcakeRed: Minor bug fixes - These will never end!
You can adjust your resolution settings and keybindings for the new controls by running the settings program.

Enjoy! - If you encounter any bugs please report them here.

:Tombstone: Work on Patch 2.5 is already underway, which will focus on the UI and introduce a new element to using Styles!