HD Update 2.4.2 is now on the Beta branch.

The main highlight of this update is better support for HD displays (party like it’s 2006!)
Until now the game was rendered to 1280x720 and scaled, resulting in wasted space and visuals less sharp than they could be.
This update unlocks the display ratio and allows you to enter your own resolution. Due to limits with XNA the current cap per dimension is 2048 at which point it will be scaled up.

You can now zoom in and out using the shoulder buttons or +/- keys and some UI elements can be scaled up and down by clicking your thumbsticks or the F1 and F2 keys.
These bindings and the new resolution settings can be changed by running the settings program.

:CupcakeGreen: As long as no drastic bugs are found 2.4.2 will go live on the main branch this weekend.
2.5 is underway and will focus on the UI and introduce a new way to use styles! :CupcakePurple:

Thanks for giving it a go and if you encounter any bugs please report theme here.

:CupcakeYellow:To enable the beta branch right click ChesterOne in your library->Preferences->Beta->'BETA' from the dropdown list.:CupcakeYellow: