4.5 Update

:: Items ::
- About 50 kinds of items have been added.
- Active skill has been added to some items.
- Adjusted performance of items.
- You may have options on items you have gained.
- 'The Secret Map Of The Dungeon' has been deleted.
- Upgraded the legendary weapon's stats and lowered the probability of appearance.

:: Game Play ::
- 3 random objects in Dungeon have been added.
- 'Mine Robot' has been deleted.
- Added 1 monster. (Bomb bat)
- Fixed a problem with stuck in tiles when dashing.
- Added some rooms.
- Fixed some rooms.
- The calculation method of Critical / Evasion has been changed.
(When the stats are low, the efficiency is high, but the higher the stats are, the lower the efficiency.)
- The effectiveness of the defense has decreased.
- Changed the stat of some foods.
- The gold acquisition option now changes to "More monsters or more gold falling when opening a box".
- Adjusted the AI ​​of some monsters.
- Adjusted slightly some monster's HP (Monsters in the lower floor(ex. white skeleton) change to increase HP as the layer is deeper)

:: UI ::
- Improved character status panel and HUD.
- Fixed issue where the information in the store pop-up remains even after closing the store.
- Now you can show notification when you are get condition.

:: etc ::
- We changed the appearance of the teleporter.
- Added On / Off option for vertical sync.
- Screen shake ON / OFF option has been added.
- Some text has been edited.

:: Each Platform Issue ::
- Changed the default graphics setting from DirectX 11 to DirectX 9.
- Fixed the problem that when you put the mouse on the edge of the screen, the Dock appears.

HotFix(April 5, 04:04 AM)
- Fixed bug where controller did not work during pause