Weekly Patch 18: Paranormal

This weekly patch brings in some events, a daily mod, and a lot of card balancing!

Three new events have been added to the Spire. Here's a preview of what they look like.
Weekly Patch 18: Paranormal

Patch Notes:

  • Fixed issue where Sensory Stone event may give you colored cards.

  • Daily Mod: Draft. Draft a custom starter deck of 15 cards.
  • Event (Beyond): Secret Portal.
  • Event (Beyond): Sensory Stone.
  • Event (City): Council of Ghosts.
  • Event-only Card: Apparition.

  • Ascender's Bane nerf: now has Ethereal.
  • Awakened One nerf: 2 Voids -> 1 Void
  • Better prevention for uploading invalid times to leaderboard.
  • Blood for Blood card buff. 16 -> 18. Upgraded: 18 -> 22.
  • Carnage card buff: 18 -> 20. Upgraded: 26 -> 28
  • Daily Mods can now have between 0 - 2 positive-only mods (used to always be 1).
  • Deadly Poison card buff: 4 -> 5. Upgraded: 6 -> 7.
  • Evolve rework: No longer gives Wounds. Now triggers on any Status card, not just Wounds.
  • Game will no longer call you a cheater or dock score even if you cheat (score isn't uploaded, however).
  • Question Card relic is now Uncommon. (was Boss).
  • Slime Boss nerf: 3 Slime attack no longer deals damage.

Bug Fixes
  • Exploder now explodes on its turn, so Poison will trigger before its explosion.
  • Fix for Block calculation with multiple modifiers incorrectly rounding.
  • Fix for Calling Bell/Library/Pandora's Box exploit.
  • Juggernaut was not working properly. Fixed.
  • Neow can no longer remove Ascender's Bane.
  • Perfected Strike now counts Strikes from other characters.
  • Time Dilation daily mod no longer affects Giant Head enemy.
  • Time Eater's Time Warp no longer increments when Curses play themselves.
  • Void card can no longer get you to negative energy.

  • Updates for DEU, FRA, ITA, JPN, KOR, POL, PTB, RUS, ZHS, ZHT.

Weekly Patch 18: Paranormal