Patch 2.3 is live and 2.4 “Gettin’ HD With It” is now up on the Beta branch!

Patch 2.3 – ‘New Resolutions’ is now up on the default branch. This patch adds a new Borderless-Fullscreen mode and fixes a few bugs.

Patch 2.4 – ‘Gettin HD With It’ now replaces 2.3 on the Beta Branch!
2.4 brings a few changes to how the game is rendered, finally breaking away from the old method of rendering the game at 1280×720 and scaling to the screen.
The game will now render to your chosen resolution (capped at 2048 per dimension) providing sharper visuals and showing more of the world on the screen. (Warning: While in beta there may be some strange visual glitches with this one.)

Thanks for the support, and if you find any bugs with either version please report them here. :CupcakePurple:

:CupcakeYellow:To enable to beta branch right click ChesterOne in your library->Preferences->Beta->’BETA’ from the dropdown list.:CupcakeYellow: