Knockout League Patch: v1.04

Hi everyone!

The patch today contains some minor tweaks and bug fixes. Please see the information below for specifics:

  • Increased the amount of time that players have to damage Octopunch once they stun him
  • Extended Tri-Tip’s vulnerability window for his straights and jabs when Strong Blocked
  • Reduced the score requirement for “Flying High Now” achievement from 300 to 275
  • Slightly reduced the distance that Doug moves in Focus Mitts
  • Added a visual indicator for where to punch during the tutorial

Bug Fixes:
  • Fixed an issue where one of Showtime’s Grudge Match attacks was undodgeable
  • Fixed Showtime’s name displaying too late on the screens during his intro
  • Fixed an issue with Showtime’s money not disappearing properly
  • Fixed a typo in Barrage’s pre-match tip
  • Fixed a typo in Iron Maiden’s stadium video
  • Fixed an issue where Iron Maiden’s Grudge Match interrupt did not match the actual punch spot
  • Fixed an issue where Iron Maiden’s final song cue didn’t play when she was knocked out
  • Fixed an issue causing the speed meter in Speed Bag to sometimes not render properly
  • Fixed an issue where Speed Bag punch points would be displayed in Free mode
  • Made missed hits in Focus Mitts (waiting too long to hit) count as “bad hits” for stats

We’re currently hard at work on post-release content and features for the game, so stay tuned!