Weekly Patch 17: Patched in the Face

Another week, another patch!

This week's patch brings in some polished art, improvements to certain combats, and general bug fixes pertaining to the Daily Climb.

Character Select Art
We updated the art for both Ironclad and The Silent in the character select screens.
Weekly Patch 17: Patched in the Face

Card Theming
  • Ascender's Bane: Replaces Parasite for Ascension 10.
  • Slimed: Replaces Wounds and Draw Reduction debuff from Slime enemies.
  • Void: Replaces the Darkness debuff from the Awakened One.

Weekly Patch 17: Patched in the Face

Patch Notes:

  • Ascender's Bane can no longer be removed by Back to Basics event.
  • Ascender's Bane can no longer be removed through the Wheel event.
  • Ascender's Bane gets marked as seen when you obtain it now.
  • Fixed issue where Specimen triggering + Exploder Explosion caused a crash.
  • Neow can no longer remove Ascender's Bane.

  • Curse Card - Ascender's Bane: Unplayable. Cannot be removed from your deck.
  • Status card - Slimed: Cost 1: Exhaust.
  • Status Card - Void: Unplayable. When this card is drawn, lose 1 Energy. Ethereal.

  • All Out Attack card rework + buff. Now discards 1 card at random rather than card draw reduction.
  • Ascension 10 now gives you Ascender's Bane rather than Parasite.
  • Awakened One now gives you a Void card instead of the Darkness debuff.
  • Exploder no longer gains Block so it is easier to kill.
  • Exploder's intent now telegraphs the explosion.
  • Frozen Eye is now a shop relic.
  • Self damage should no longer prevent Perfect and Champion achievement/score bonuses.
  • Several Slime enemies now give you Slimed rather than a debuff.

UI and Effects
  • Abandon Run button/banner in Settings menu is now longer to accompany wordier languages + gets a shadow.
  • Fixed issue where energy orbs were rendering incorrectly on 4k monitors.
  • Font used for Map Legend/Options Banner/? on unknown cards is now 5% smaller.
  • If text doesn't fit on an event button, a smaller font will be used now. 26pt rather than 30pt.
  • If the label on the Skip button is too long (non-English languages), the font is reduced in size by 20%.
  • Improved spacing between Level & Act name for the level transition effect.
  • On Run History screens, hovering room icons now reveal more info.
  • Underhand Strike is now called Sneaky Strike.

Bug Fixes
  • Exploder's explosion no longer ignores block.
  • Fixed issue where level music didn't stop if you Save & Quit to main menu.
  • Fixed issue where Shield Gremlin and Orb Walker had upped values in the wrong Ascension Level.
  • Fixed issues where if you died, the last room's info was not saved for Run History.
  • Hoarder daily mod now correctly duplicates the upgraded status of the copied card.
  • Multiple attempts for the Daily were being submitted as high scores.
  • Purity achievement should no longer trigger on tutorial.
  • Seeds are now utilized for Enchirdion and Codex.
  • Seeds utilized for several events for consistent outcomes: Accursed Blacksmith, Cursed Tome, Scrap Ooze, N'loth.

  • Updates for FRA, ITA, JPN, KOR, POL, PTB, RUS, SPA, ZHS, ZHT.

I'm starting to run out of patch names.