Weekly Patch 16: Back to Work

Hey everyone,

I just got back from vacation. I heard there was a surprise patch last week? I just found out, what a surprise!

Fortunately, our company is 2 people so there's a patch this week, too.
Many have asked us if we will be at GDC this year. We will NOT be attending this year, sorry. Good news, we'll be working on the game instead!

Patch Notes

  • Russian localization updated.
  • Portuguese-Brazilian localization updated.
  • Seed is now visible under game version number in-game.

  • Daily Mod: Hoarder: Whenever you obtain a card, two extra copies are also obtained. Cards can't be removed at Shops.

  • Champ has less randomness in his AI after enraging. Will use Metallicize less.
  • Exploder enemy rework. They now explode in 3 turns, deals more damage, and has less HP.
  • Hexaghost slightly nerfed on Ascension 4+. (Deals less damage).
  • Rage card gets a buff, cost 1 -> 0. Block 4 -> 3.
  • Shovel relic now uses reward screen so that you can skip the relic if you do not want it.
  • Underhanded Strike card rework: Cost 2: Deal 8 damage. If you have discarded a card this turn, gain 2 Energy.

UI and Effects
  • Cursed Tome Event now uses reward screen for the earned book relic (optional pickup).
  • Dailies no longer bring up the Credits screen on victory.
  • Falling Event now shows the chosen cards when hovering the event choices.
  • Save and Quit in a run now returns the player to the Main Menu instead of closing the game.
  • Time Dilation wording improvements.
  • Updated animations for Lagavulin.
  • You can now view your deck or the map when the grid card select screen is up (Such as The Library event)

Bug Fixes
  • Fixed crash if twitchconfig was empty or invalid.
  • Increased timeout on dailies time lookup.
  • Moved the twitch button so it isn't covering other buttons.
  • Relics and Potions in the shop now correctly set their prices when restocked with the Courier.
  • Slow debuff now correctly works with single target cards in multi-enemy combats.
  • Split Slimes and other spawned minions should now correctly have the Slow power when Time Dilation mod is on.

Work will now proceed as normal again.