Treadnauts v.0.55 Patch Notes

Treadnauts Patch Notes v.0.55

UPDATE 3/13/18: "The Bullet Time Update"

Calling competitive pilots: this update has crazy new tech that's sure to turn the meta on its head. You can now add backspin to bullets!

There's also a bunch of quality-of-life improvements that members of our community have requested, including new settings modifiers and support for rebinding keyboard controls.

After this update, the Treadnauts team is shifting gears into full console production. That means updates will slow down until our full launch this summer--think every few weeks to a month.

  • You can now curve your shots! Press left or right a moment before you fire a shot in the air, and your shell will curve for extreme mixup potential. "Add some English!"
  • Keyboard controls can now be rebound! If you don't like the default layout, this is the update for you. Go to the options menu to try it out!
  • Added four new modfiers: infinite jumps, a toggle for bullet bending, explosion splash damage, and point penalties for self-destructs.
  • Emotes can now be activated in the lobby, the winner podium screen, and while dead in an online game. There's also a separate control for activating emotes instead of the "honk" button. (RB on controller, E on keyboard by default.)
  • Tweaked the XP curve to prioritize giving players new maps earlier, and balanced XP rewards in general for Target Test and Versus games.
  • Added two new wrecking ball designs created by the community! Thanks to everyone who participated in the "Get Wreck't" competition!

  • The game will no longer crash on quit while a controller is connected (finally!)
  • Fixed an issue where the gamemode would auto-switch to a different mode, despite the player having intentionally picked one already
  • Fixed an issue where level ambience would no longer play in lobbies that weren't the Gold Room
  • Added support for several common controllers that previously didn't work, such as Logitech controllers
  • Fixed an issue where sea mines would sometimes explode infinitely online, causing massive lag and sound spam
  • Fixed a bug that caused visual issues when smoke particle trails overlapped
  • Fixed an issue where the floating screens in Wave District would sometimes spam their collision sounds
  • Fixed an issue where the player's name would show up while emoting online, occasionally in the wrong location
  • Fixed an exploit where the properties of a player's text on the leaderboards could be modified client-side
  • Fixed a visual bug that prevented clashes from destroying compacted snow
  • Fixed a visual bug caused by shooting a science ball with an afterlife target
  • Fixed a bug that sometimes prevented lobby panel camo colors from updating
  • Improved online syncing of physics objects

Though we won't be pushing updates quite as frequently, we'll still be constantly active on our discord[] chatting with fans and playing games. Our heartfelt tanks go to YOU for making the Treadnauts community a beautiful place to fly.

See you soon, pilots!
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