Weekly Patch 15: Surprise Patch

Casey is still enjoying his vacation till later next week. Although originally we did not plan on a patch this week, I decided to release a small update focusing on improvements to the daily climbs!

Daily Climb Changes
The Daily Climb has been heavily altered based on your feedback!

There are now only 3 mods total for each day instead of 4. Additionally, the seed that chooses the mods will now only very rarely pick the same mod two days in a row (and never more than two in a row). This means you will not get stuck facing down the same modifiers day after day.

Additionally, many of the mods were altered or reworked to focus more on creating interesting situations instead of being straight difficulty raisers.

Finally, the Daily now has it's own leaderboard that can be seen on the Daily screen itself.

The Daily Climb is still a work in progress, so please continue to provide feedback and suggestions, but these changes should make the overall daily experience more enjoyable to play.

Patch Notes:

  • Dailies should no longer have the previous day's mods.
  • Hexaghost AI is much less random. (No more occasional difficulty spikes based on how often he strength buffs)
  • Bosses now give +50 more score per Act. (Act 2 Boss is worth 100, Act 3 Boss is worth 150).
  • Fastest victory is not updated/uploaded on victory if Daily Climb.
  • Winstreaks are no longer updated/uploaded on victory if Daily Climb.

  • New Daily mod: Time Dilation.
  • New Daily mod: Terminal.
  • Dailies now use 3 mods instead of 4.
  • Several daily mods are reworked or altered.
  • Daily Climbs now have leaderboards (global only at the moment).

Bug Fixes
  • Fixed issue where Gremlin Thief stopped using Ascension 2 damage after first hit.
  • Night Terrors now only decrements Max HP when you rest.
  • Fix for Bronze Orb AI getting stuck in an incorrect state.
  • Daily Runs now appear in Run History (again!)
  • Cleric now shows and uses correct gold costs on Ascension 15.
  • Woman in Blue event now correctly describes what happens on Ascension 15.
  • [Lose 50% of Current HP] option now deals the correct amount of damage in all situation.
  • Enchiridion cost should only set for one turn.
  • Beggar Event now correctly displays the tip for what you are choosing for the card selection screen.
  • Question Card wording now accurately reflects what it does when accounting for other effects like Binary.

  • Updates for POL, ZHT, ITA, JPN, PTB, ZHS, NOR

  • Increase time lookup retry limit.

See you next week!