Weekly Journal – Last journal as we know it!

Hi everyone,  

In 2015, a few weeks before we launched our Kickstarter, we asked ourselves: if we were going to try “open development”, what would be the most important thing to help build a good, lasting relationship with a community?  

For us, it was open, transparent and consistent communication. Since June 2015, we have posted an update every Friday, taking breaks only for Christmas holidays. An update about what was going on in the project, the studio and a short note from different members of the team about their work that week. We wanted to introduce you to our team, so that you’d know who we were, and could see the challenges we faced, and our hopes and dreams for the project. We hope that you have enjoyed being here with us, and have enjoyed hearing from members of the team.  

Today we sit at a total of 145 updates! We didn’t anticipate that we’d have that many – we thought we might get to 50 before launching the game. How things change, eh? It is pretty funny going back and reading the very old entries, as you can witness all the changes the studio and the project have undergone. We have posted each one on Kickstarter, open to the public, and now we have this fascinating time capsule to look back at.  

A few weeks ago we announced that we would change the format of the weekly journals. This is because work on content has slowed down, and everything at this point is mostly bug fixing, optimization, or a spoiler. So instead of having the regular format, we are going to look in more depth at specific parts of the game, focusing on how it has evolved throughout development!  

Every week we will touch on an area of the game and show some old and new screenshots, what was the original design, what decisions we made and the final(?) results.  

So here it is, the last weekly as we know it! If you want us to speak about the evolution a particular topic (crafting, UI, combat, art, etc..) in the new journals, feel free to let us know! And if there is a specific team member you want to give a shout out to, now is the time 🙂  

Thank you, as always, for reading.

Design Team – David, Hayden, Antoine, Adam, Ben, Eric, And Benji  


This week I finished up one of the new bridges for Arthur’s story. In addition to that I spent a lot of time polishing the first two hours of the game; mostly things that help teach people the mechanics of the game in a smooth and fun way. In addition to that I sort of floated around between a few other maps polishing specific target areas to make these levels overall better by polishing out the stuff that wasn’t great. Plus I saw a bug that Remi swears is a naming convention bug. Either way it turns NPCs faces into a Tim Burton nightmare. It was pretty awesome. I say ship it.

Also, tata for now! It’s been a fun year for me here at Compulsion. Starting out on creating side missions, then working on the core Arthur story missions, bug fixing, rejiggering things based on feedback, and making some spreadsheets. I do love those spreadsheets. Thanks, and hope you guys love this game as much as we love making it.


I’ve added a lot of polish to the Mad Scotsman. There have been main blockers, conditional blockers, nice to haves, “necessaries but can ship withouts”. There’s also a lot of “Hey, it would be awesome if you could this, Adam!” …. Yeah, I agree… you’re right. Will not fix, no time. Also, it’s fun to see Sam stress out. When most people are stressed, you see a vein on the forehead.. But not Sam. His face remains calm, but his beard starts twitching. Most fucked up thing I’ve ever seen.  

On another random game note, we had these things called “AI decorators” which were just supposed to spawn some random NPCs doing random things to make the world interesting. Turns out it was this evil system that just duplicates characters whenever you try to move it or delete it. So at one point, I think I had 50+ characters trying to look in the windows of the pub.


What’s up everyone ?! I’ve been spelunking here in the caves of Unreal. It’s very pretty in here. Lots of colors and wires going everywhere slowly building up a world (that doesn’t sound pretentious at all pfff). So, little update on the Miss Thigh Highs aka Sally Boyle ;). She’s going well but let me tell you that her playthrough has being reworked and reworked and rejiggered to the point where I feel confident we got something that feels right. The bulk of the rework I’ve been doing is making sure there’s not too much unnecessary back and forth between quest locations. I’ve been working on a pretty hilarious scene where Bobbies are singing to Miss Boyle as a token of their appreciation for one of her accomplishments. Another cute thing I’ve done for Sally is that she now has a special table in her house that enables her to play music whenever she wants.


Well hello there, folks, how the hell are you doing? It’s good to be back for the last full team community weekly.  

I’m rarely seen with the other LDs these days, as I’ve been spending most of my time in the Parade District, with my pinky finger up in the air as I sip on tea (and occasionally whiskey) with some of Wellington Wells upper crust; discussing new scientific discoveries, listening to Uncle Jack broadcast, and not to mention, trying on new clothes at an undisclosed location (still a bit too pricey for me) and window shopping at the Market.  

And despite some of the absurd rumors you may have heard going around; a disruption in food, and disruptions in motilene supplies and Joy, and even talk of a god damn quarantine; I’m not concerned at all.  

I have a basket full of joy and I’m on the right side of any gate that comes my way. It’s totally safe in here… And it’s always a lovely day for it.