Ranching Upgrade Mark I Preview Now Available!

Hello friends!

As we know life always finds a way, and it seems the colony is no different. At lodng last, the critters of the asteroid have begun sustaining themselves thanks to the Ranching Upgrade Mark I. When a critter’s needs are all met and they’re kept in the right conditions, they can now lay brand new eggs. These can be incubated to hatch new critters, or just used as a delicious source of protein (shh, don’t tell them!).

There have also been several other exciting discoveries: The Duplicants have finally gotten their priorities straight with new Priority and Urgency systems, and have begun compiling an extensive Database of useful knowledge about their world! Just in time too, because new geological disturbances have appeared which may require further investigation…

If you’re interested, you can help us test this new content for the next two weeks before it goes live. As always we appreciate your feedback, so please share your thoughts and opinions on the Suggestions Forum. Thank-you!

What does this preview contain so far?

The following content is available in the Ranching Upgrade Mark I preview:

    New Ranching Gameplay

    • New Rancher job
    • Critter wrangling
    • Critter needs and conditions
    • Critter reproduction (Eggs!)
    • Critter Feeders
    • Grooming Stations
    • Incubators
    • Critter relocation buildings now lower tech

    Info Database screen

    • Extended descriptions for many entries

    Errand Priorities screen

    • Added more controls for job prioritization
    • Renamed errand priority "Urgency" to distinguish from individual Duplicant priorities
    • Added optional auto-prioritization for job-related errands

    New geyser types

    • More geysers in each new world
    • Variable outputs and dormancy cycles

Check the patch notes[forums.kleientertainment.com] for the most up-to-date changes!

For more information and instructions on how to access the preview build check out the post on the official forums: https://forums.kleientertainment.com/topic/88444-ranching-upgrade-mark-i-preview-now-available-258691

Ranching Upgrade Mark I Preview Now Available!

HOTFIX – 258798

  • Morbs should once again spit out polluted oxygen.
  • Wrangle tool now displays hover text if you try to wrangle a creature which cannot be wrangled.
  • Hatches should now properly display the ‘buried object’ marker when spawned inside of a solid tile. This change requires a new world to be generated.
  • Hatches should no longer ‘freak out’ when landing
  • Creature info panels should now display what is required to capture the creature
  • Build menu should no longer be offset when creating a new game
  • Rancher job now has a ranching perk
  • Main menu should no longer stutter when you have lots of save files.
  • Duplicants can no longer rangle burried hatches.
  • Creatures should now consume the appropriate amount of calories every cycle.

HOTFIX -259043

  • Dupes should no longer ignore sweeping.
  • Slickster should now produce oil instead of slime.
  • Morbs should once again spawn slime on death.
  • Creatures should no longer have blank status items.
  • Omelette recipe should properly display it’s ingredients.
  • You can now type to filter elements in the debug element painter.
  • Creatures should now spawn with non zero calories
  • Misc crash fixes.
  • Thermo Sensor should now bring up the automation overlay instead of the power overlay.
  • Creatures should properly eat from the feeder when hungry.
  • Dead dupes should now be properly considered dead after save/load.
  • Chlorine geysers should no longer be missing in newly created worlds.
  • "Unreachable Dig" status item should disappear when it is no longer true.
  • Incubator now requires 240 watts instead of 120.
  • Eggs should now rot.
  • Incubators prevent eggs from rotting.

HOTFIX – 259080

  • Fixed a crash that could occur if a creature was interrupted on the way to the Grooming Station.
  • Fixed a crash that could occur if you killed a creature.

HOTFIX – 259633

  • Critter feeder now organizes it’s storage options by creature diet.
  • Creatures now start off wild and become tame after being groomed for a couple of cycles.
  • Wild creatures consume/produce much less than tame creatures.
  • Broad tuning pass on creature consumption/production to account for their life cycles.
  • Creatures should now die if they run out of calories.
  • Geyser are now dormant for a shorter portion of their "big cycle".
  • Improved studied geyser status items.
  • Creatures should now spawn with the appropriate max health.
  • Hatches should no longer spawn in the air when starting a new game.
  • Creatures will now get overcrowded if too many of them are in the same room.
  • Morbs should no longer get stuck spawning polluted oxygen.
  • Using a specific world gen seed should now always spawn the same type of geysers in the same locations.
  • Auto-Sweeper can no longer sweep through Mesh/AirFlow tiles.
  • Fixed an issue where the simulation was destroying gas mass.
  • The priorities screen now allows you to cycle back to auto-assigned(the wrench) if you’ve manually changed it.
  • Fixed a crash that could occur when browsing the database.
  • Ranchers should no longer try and ranch burrowed hatches.
  • Several databse link fixes.
  • Fixed an issue where the wrong autosave file was being deleted.
  • Fixed crash that could occur when fighting creatures.
  • Fixed a crash that could occur if a creature could no longer reach their ranch station.
  • Debug paint tools now have an eye dropper tool.

HOTFIX – 259840

  • Fixed some performance issues with creatures.
  • Fixed duplicate buildings category in database.
  • Fixed another ranch station crash.
  • Hatches no longer eat non solid elements.
  • Creatures should now prioritize eating out of feeders.
  • New "Database entry not found" page.
  • Grooming station is now prioritizable.
  • Critter drop-off point is now prioritizable.
  • Duplicants should once again take their medicine.

HOTFIX – 260234

  • puft should no longer infinitely inhale
  • creatures should no longer poop out literal tonnes of material
  • fixed a crash that could occur when using a translation containing a database link within a database link
  • removed industrial machinery restriction from creature pen
  • suit locker should now be prioritizable
  • bag created by rangling burrowed hatches should now appear on the ground
  • info screen title label is slightly larger to accomodate different font sizes
  • hatches should no longer be constipated after eating phosphorite
  • fixed layering when dropping eggs from incubator
  • resource screen should now list liquifiable items
  • dupes should no longer ignore showering
  • database button for buildings under consutrction should now work
  • fixed an issue where the travel tube launcher and steam turbine were not
  • responding to their automation inputs
  • items carried by Duplicant should no longer melt during transit preventing
  • infinite fetching loops where Duplicant’s would keep failing to transfer small amounts of ore
  • Creatures should no longer starve when offscreen
  • fixed a memory/performance leak

HOTFIX – 260344

  • Geyser study can now be prioritized; study errand is no longer ’emergency’ priority.
  • New sound effects for critter grooming, excited, egg-laying, pooping
  • Improvements to incubator art
  • Improvements to hatch eating animation
  • New art for many of the new geysers
  • Updated Puft and Puft egg art
  • Tame hatches have an ID collar
  • Hatch can now hop across gaps with a lower ceiling
  • Formatting improvements to Reports screen
  • Slicksters and Pufts now eat enough to keep up with their calorie needs
  • Geysers don’t show status icons until uncovered, and make a notification when uncovered
  • "Urgency" tool renamed to "Sub-Priority" tool
  • Sub-Priority tool now has a diagram, and all sub-priority pickers have a button to open the Priorities screen
  • Added 3 new columns to the Priorities screen: Life Support (mostly critical hauling jobs), Toggle, and Storage (non-sweep locker-filling).
  • "Advanced Mode" added to priorities screen. Further explanation below.

HOTFIX – 260388

  • Creatures will now behave correctly when Advanced Priority Mode is turned on
  • New sounds for adjusting priorities
  • Fix bug where the incubator errand could disappear if it was interrupted
  • More Geyser art updates
  • Auto Job Priority toggle now defaults to Off

In order to help new bases with no or few priorities set, the game has a few "under the hood" prioritization rules. We’ve observed that in large bases where players have already extensively applied their own priorities, these hidden rules can create unexpected trips across the base. Advanced Mode allows you to turn off those hidden rules for a more predictable experience. Please give it a try and let us know if you encounter any issues!

HOTFIX – 260525

  • Final art for Rancher hat
  • Molten metal/Volcano artwork completed
  • Fix for ingredient amount display at fabricators such as the cooking stations
  • Auto Sweepers are once again allowed to do all kinds of pickup and delivery
  • "Death timer" on slimelung-infected patients is reset when they receive treatment
  • Slime lung death timer reduced from 10 to 8 cycles
  • Fix for steam turbine destroying mass
  • Improvements to steam turbine status items and "Power" panel display
  • Steam turbine temperature requirements slightly lowered
  • Empty Storage chores (on fabricators, bottled liquids, vending machines, etc.) are now prioritizable using either Tidy or Hauling
  • Liquids created inside solid cells will try to move to a nearby non-solid cell.
  • Prevents mass destruction when destroying pipes inside tiles.
  • Fix crash on the Priorities screen
  • Wheezeworts should no longer destroy gasses