Performance update

This update is small but neat, so we decided to give it its own post. Also, more posts mean more opportunities for cool gifs :archduck:

We have identified a possible optimization in the rendering engine that, depending on many factors, could bump FPS up to 25% during big fights. Not that the performance was bad before but more FPS is always better.

We have also identified a possible cause for a black screen on startup issue that some players had and we included that fix as well.

Full changelog
Version 0.91.15370+ 6th March 2018
  • Optimized main rendering loop which should result in up to 25% FPS gain in logic heavy scenes
  • Fixed rare black screen on startup issue
  • Aiming Rogue's arrows with hold button pressed outside of light radius won't snap to nearby doors/staircases anymore
  • Added an extra safety to make sure that doors open on The Cook's level
  • Fixed minor visual glitches in Maze
  • Fixed a crash when playing with the controller and exiting dungeon when a shielded monster was near
  • Updated supporters list in credits

Also just let me remind you that we have official Book of Demons discord server now in case you would like to chat with other players. Or us.

And since this is mainly stability and performance update it's worth mentioning that if you are experiencing any problems with the game make sure to tell us on Discord, post in the forums or shoot us an email. We can't fix what we don't know about :paperdeath:

Stays safe in dungeons :archduck: