Treadnauts v.0.51 Patch Notes

Treadnauts Patch Notes v.0.51

UPDATE 2/28/2018: "The GOLD ROOM Update"

The GOLD ROOM has appeared. It opens in fits: sometimes at lunch for twenty minutes, other times for hours in the dead of night. Every time it opens, a stream goes live.[]

Strange things have been reported from inside the room… things that don’t appear on the public stream. Of all the rumors swirling, one is most persistent: some day soon, the GOLD ROOM will close forever, leaving priceless rewards behind for those who unlock its secrets.

Check out our Discord[] to get notified when the GOLD ROOM is open!

By popular demand, we’ve also added chat macros to online matches. You can now send a variety of emotes to other players to express your wonder, love & salt!


  • The GOLD ROOM is a special game lobby with unique aesthetics and properties. While the GOLD ROOM is open, you can join via the special room code "GOLD".
  • Chat macros can be accessed in online matches by holding the "honk" button!
  • You can turn the chat text on or off in the settings menu.
  • Failing to join a room will now give more accurate information as to why (The room is full, the game is already in progress, etc.)
  • Private games now award badge wins (subject to change as the game develops!)


  • Improved online physics object syncing in several cases
  • Fixed players sometimes displaying the wrong country flag in an online game
  • Fixed more locations where the touchpad prompt would show up instead of "start" on PS4 controllers
  • Removed the ability to hit "confirm" and play a sound when viewing an error message
  • Afterlife target controls are no longer inverted in Australia Mode
  • Fixed fullscreen mode minimizing itself when losing focus on the game window
  • Fixed Stereo audio working improperly
  • Fixed several instances where the loading screen camo animation would sometimes display twice
  • Many assorted localization improvements

As always, you can join our community on Discord[] for matchmaking, memes, and behind-the-scenes.

See you in the GOLD ROOM!
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