2.24 Update

※ Currently, the temporary build is applied to this build by mistake, and some bugs (Harken bullion , No jump with W, Weapon change 1,2 key, etc.) occur. I am uploading the current revision. I’m really sorry for the inconvenience.

:: Controls ::
– Now supports Dual Shock 4
– Added few functions and key remapping options (Settings >> Change controls)
· Added option ‘Dash to move direction’
· Added option ‘Double tap dash’
– Fixed bug where the target aim was slightly lower when using a controller.

:: Gameplay ::
– (11th floor) Fixed the fairy appearing within the tiles.
– Fixed bug where ‘The Secret Map of the Dungeon’ had to be re-equipped for effects to be applied when brought through Dimension Vault ability.
– Costume improvements
· Ikina Bear:
a. ‘Rage gauge’ has been added on the lower right corner.
· Criminal Silhouette:
a. Fixed bug where HP did not increase back when items were being sold or discarded.
b. Fixed additional HP being reduced at times when changing equipment.
c. Fixed bug where your character became invincible when HP went below 0.
· Gunslinger:
a. Changed from "final damage increases by 50%" to "Increases Power by 60" when using a revolver to make changes visible on the Character Status window.

:: Save System ::
– Changes regarding the save system have been made.
· We are currently working hard to fix the problem where user data gets deleted.
· We are currently assuming that it has something to do with ‘Steam Cloud’ but we cannot say for sure at this moment. We will try everything to fix this as soon as possible.
– Added backup file script
· Backup file can be found in the Game Data folder. (\StreamingAssets\BackUps)
· When problem occurs change ‘slot*.backuml’ file name to ‘slot.uml’ and overwrite it.
(We suggest turning off Steam Cloud during this process)

Thank you for all the love and support.
– Dungreed team –