Weekly Patch 13: Thinking Ahead

It's a weekly patch!
We've been working on a daily mode and the third character but there are still some fixes and goodies.

Menu Updates
There were too many options in the main menu so we created sub-menus! These new sub-menus provide additional information and can also hint at upcoming features and information on how to unlock those features. The art and text are subject to change.

Weekly Patch 13: Thinking Ahead

There's now 6 more Achievements!
For those who achieved them in the beta branch already, they can be unlocked on Steam if you open the Character Stats screen.

Weekly Patch 13: Thinking Ahead

Less Grind
We removed one level of unlocks! Three additional cards are now available by default in the card pool for both The Silent and Ironclad. The following cards are now added to the card pool by default:

  • Ghostly Armor
  • Carnage
  • Entrench

The Silent
  • Underhanded Strike
  • Reflex
  • Tactician

Patch Notes:

  • Patch notes in-game were wrong. Updated.

  • Sozu now prevents you from acquiring new potions rather than preventing usage (similar to Ectoplasm).
  • Bosses now utilize seed (same boss if you quit/reload).

UI and Effects
  • Compressed various UI images and removed unused ones to reduce disk and memory usage.
  • Credits for Italian, French, German, and Korean localization are now in-game.
  • Updated font for Turkish from OpenSans -> Roboto.

Bug Fixes
  • Bottled Flame, Lightning, and Tornado will no longer spawn if there are no valid cards.
  • Egg relics (Toxic, Molten, Frozen) can now appear at Neow and some other scenarios.
  • Eviscerate now correctly lowers cost by 1 per discard.
  • Fixed bug where Nemesis could take more than 1 damage from Thorns, Potions, and relics like Letter Opener.
  • Fixed crash if players renamed .run files for Run History.
  • Fixed crash when Bronze Orbs' Stasis was used when your draw/discard pile was empty.
  • Fixed issue where you are told to restart to save changes in Settings if it's not English.
  • Greatly increased logging so we can further investigate save issues.
  • If damage type is thorns, then the damage is dealt even if the owner is dead (Spiker/Guardian).
  • Rewards after combat appear only when all actions are done now. Fast Mode + Bite bug fix.
  • Potential fix for saves and progress data loss.
  • Steam Cloud no longer syncs your Run History files. If you want to transfer these between computers, copy/paste your runs folder.