Treadnauts v.0.45 Patch Notes

Treadnauts Patch Notes v.0.45

UPDATE 2/18/2018: "The Lightspeed Update"

In this update, we've brought you a new and improved matchmaking system that will make it much easier to find a game.

We've also got THREE new modifiers, and guess what--they all work online! No level requirement for these--go nuts!

In addition, we've fixed a bunch of bugs, especially those related to stability issues while matchmaking or picking characters in the Online lobby.

  • Matchmaking now searches in nearby regions as well as your own, greatly improving odds of finding a match
  • Lasers, Stealth Mode, and Split Shot are now available as modifiers!
  • A new modifier preset, "Stealth Mission", is now available!
  • Added Lasers to the "Astronauts" modifier preset
  • You can now see other players' country flags in the online lobby

  • The 13th map in each zone now properly shows up in rotation! If you want, you can pretend like we just added 4 new maps!
  • Bullets can now be skipped on water online
  • Improved online player syncing while underwater
  • Fixed an issue on Mac where screens (such as in the tutorial or Wave District) would turn white and become unreadable
  • Fixed online players sometimes falling off of surfaces before a match begins
  • You can no longer break your own shield while self-kills are turned off
  • Players no longer get reset to weird angles when a new player joins an online lobby
  • Fixed online players frequently sorting in front of things they shouldn't be
  • Sticky Grenades can no longer be turned on via the random button in Online mode
  • Landing on the Science Ball while someone else owns it now properly sets it to your color
  • Fixed an issue where the Science Ball zap sound effect could persist forever
  • Fixed an issue where backing out of a matchmaking search right as you found a match would cause you to get trapped in a match by yourself
  • Panel camo now displays properly if a player dropped in before you connected to an online lobby
  • Fixed an issue where multiple characters could be dropped in at once by mashing the button
  • Fixed bugged shot effects in the online lobby that would linger forever
  • Fixed an issue where a tank could drop in without a player, causing bugged visual effects
  • Fixed an issue where two or more players could end up in control of the same panel in the lobby
  • Improved Science Ball syncing online
  • Fixed visual errors related to usernames on the scoreboard
  • Status text in the matchmaking lobby now says "Searching for Game" while the master is queueing with a buddy
  • Fixed a small text bug for non-English languages in online lobbies

We've got an exciting week ahead. Now is a great time to join our Discord channel[], make some friends, and play some Treadnauts matches online!

See you there!
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