What the &*?% happened to the remaster?!

Eagled eyed followers out there may have noticed that work on the remaster and bug fixes have come to a bit of a crashing halt as of late. You may have also said to yourself "The &*?! happened, developer guy?!"

Due to several reasons I unfortunately haven't had the time to devote to game development that I once did, so the remaster is on an indefinite hiatus for now. Good news is one of those reasons is that I'm finishing up my Computer Science degree so I should be equipped to make a much more solid game when I do return to development.

While work on the remaster has halted for now I will be doing what I can to clean up the bugs and issues with the current release: including missing items, several broken achievements, and some newly discovered scaling issues.

Thanks for all of the support over the years and for your understanding. :CupcakeBlack: