2.18 Updates

Game Play
- Improved delay in use teleporter or moving a room
- Fixed an issue where some places could not move on the map
- Improved the problem that the secret passage of restaurants on the 7th and 8th floors is placed inside the tile, making it unavailable
- Fixed a problem where two secret passages were displayed on the 17th floor store.

- Increase chance of selling rare items in dungeon store to 10%
- Now sell legendary items at a low probability in dungeon stores

- Increase recognition range of forest monster sentry gun
- Upgrading the defense strength of each stage boss
- Improved dropping money problem of Tunak.
- Fixed bug that bosses did not drop money sometimes.

- Fixed an issue where fat was not added power.

- Ring of Madness: now has lower defense
- Zweihander: Slightly reduced damage
- Dangerous shotgun: Reduce calculation overload
※ This issue has not been completely improved yet. We will be able to play more smoothly in future optimization patches.

- Edited some text phrases
- Edited some sounds