Weekly Patch 12: Lunar New Year

Another patch has arrived,

We diverted most of our efforts to the 3rd character this week so this patch is mainly bug fixes, balancing, and a few UI improvements.

Also, we're currently investigating save-related issues. If you are experiencing any save issues and find a solution, please let us know! In the meantime, disabling Steam Save synchronization may prevent the loss of save files.

Patch Notes:

  • Nemesis Rework
    • Intangible now alternates on/off every other turn.
    • Moveset is no longer in order but randomized between 3 moves.
    • Move 1: Triple attack (6 x 3)
    • Move 2: Triple Burn, cannot be used twice in a row.
    • Move 3: Scythe (40), has a cooldown of 2 turns
  • The Blue Slaver enemy can no longer be fought as one of the first 3 monsters in Act 1.
  • The Guardian boss gets +20 HP.
  • Tiny House relic gets a buff. Now upgrades 1 random card as well.

UI and Effects
  • Enemies no longer show hit animations from thorn effects and similar types of damage.
  • Fast Mode is faster. Card movement, resting at campfires, events, etc are faster.
  • Moved the Game Saved VFX to be more centered so it doesn't overlap the timer.
  • Mute while in Background is now available in Settings (on by default).
  • Run Timer now gets an icon and tip for the Top Panel and appears in Run History.
  • Run Timer now stops, appears in the top panel, and becomes green on victory.
  • You can now view Exhausted Cards during combat (only available if cards are exhausted).

Bug Fixes
  • Add Twitch streaming support for Singing Bowl.
  • Cards Seen and Relics Seen now correctly shows accurate numbers. No more 188/187.
  • Copying cards from effects like Dual Wield now correctly displays cost as green if modified.
  • Fixed issue where Abandoning at a Rest Site kept the fire ambient sounds playing forever.
  • Fixed issue where Ascension level up VFX was not occurring when you unlocked the next Ascension.
  • Fixed issue where Max HP +2 button may appear if you had Singing Bowl a previous run.
  • Metrics are no longer uploaded if not connected to Steam.
  • Purity achievement only triggers if there are enemies alive now.
  • Transmutation+ no longer gives you a free card.
  • Upgraded cards in card library screen now correctly display tooltips.
  • View Upgrade button flickering bug removed in run history screen.

  • Adding credits for French and Korean localization.
  • Special Thanks to robojumper for the Twitch stuff! Added to credits.

See you next week!