Weekly Journal – New journal structure coming soon!

Hey everyone,  

It’s been a really fun week for us at the studio! As you know, love was a really big theme in the 1960s and we certainly felt it with all of your beautiful fan art and great love songs that you sent us, so thank you for that! On our side we released a recipe for some Victoria (ha!) sponge hearts that the lovely folks from the community team at Gearbox Publishing put together. You can get the recipe here!

And because we love our community so much we wanted to share something special. This is a new concept art piece of a new bridge in the game, which we created as part of Arthur’s restructuring. By our Art Director, Whitney Clayton.

Weekly Journal - New journal structure coming soon!

We also released the lyrics of a traditional Wellie drinking song written by one of our writers extraordinaire, Lisa Hunter.

Weekly Journal - New journal structure coming soon!



Hello everyone! As we have mentioned over the past few weeks, we are in the final stages of tightening up, polishing, and finishing the content in the game. It is coming along well, and it looks like we’ll be moving onto pure bug fixing in 3-4 weeks.  

Last week was our first week-long playtest, run by the folks at Gearbox. The initial feedback has been great, with both some really helpful suggestions (eg suggesting we reduce grinding for ingredients half way through the playthrough, because that’s a rubbish way to spend an afternoon!), and some very positive reinforcement (good news: they really like the story). We will be incorporating as much of this feedback possible over the next 3-4 weeks, as this is our last chance to tweak before locking things down for real.  

As we continue onward, the new content we have available to show in weekly journals will slowly dry up. We can only mention “fixed XYZ bugs this week” so many times before you guys will get bored. So, when we get to that stage, we’re going to be looking for some interesting content to focus on, with maybe a look back in more depth at specific features (eg how the UI has changed over the years). If you have any suggestions on what you’d like to see, please let us know in the comments.

Narrative Team - Alex and Lisa


Well, this has been a fun week. We’ve been iterating on the story trailer, which is fancy dev talk for reworking it. Because lines have been moved around, we were concerned that they didn’t follow emotionally. So I re-recorded a scene between two voice actors, to try and get the feeling right. (They weren’t in the same studio at the same time – I played one character for actor 1, and the other for actor 2.) In the end, we only used two lines from the session in the story trailer, but they are the last and the first, so they make a difference; and it was worth it to confirm that we had the best performances I know how to get.  

Much more fun has been editing some unique audio-only moments that you will hear as part of Sally’s playthrough. (Because why not?) You can pick them up and hear more about the world and her if you are so inclined. The immensely talented young actors Harry Baxendale and Bradley Henderson voiced Young Arthur and Percy in Arthur’s playthrough. Lisa wrote most of Sally’s scenes, being as she has much more experience being a teenage girl than I have. I recorded Sally’s voice actress last week, and got all of these moments; I’d already recorded the other characters who appear in them, some of whom are in the game elsewhere, and some of whom are not. It’s huge fun to put together separate performances into a coherent dramatic scene.  

Amelia Tyler, who voices Sally’s mum, told me “This woman is literally my mother, by the way,” in the session. I consider this the highest possible compliment.


We are in the thick of working on Sally’s playthrough. I’ve been writing pensive barks (things Sally says to herself) to give you a better sense of her internal motivations and fears. I can’t wait till you get to meet this character! Don’t tell Arthur, but she’s my favourite.

Design Team - David, Hayden, Antoine, Adam, Ben, Eric, Roxanne And Benji


When not wrecking my car by driving into piles of snow and nearly beaching it in the process I was working on Antoine’s lovely Doctor HQ map. Mostly this was implementing a fun little narrative audio/visual ‘ride’ thing. Originally I was worried it didn’t have the ‘oomph’ that it could, so we jazzed it up a bit and I think it’s turning out pretty well now.