Black Ice “Firepower” Patch Notes – 0.8.100

Hi everyone! I'm super proud to finally launch the "Firepower" patch - with gun models, a lava zone, completely overhauled enemies, and the start of the mission system! My buddy Nonadecimal has been helping me out with the missions, corp names, and other cool stuff.

Check out these sweet gun models (created by Ethan Redd[], and animated by yours truly, the weapon models represent a huge change in Black Ice. Not only do they look great, they actually change the functionality of the game. There are about a dozen new weapon models, each coming in several colors. You can only use one gun at a time, but I've rebalanced enemies to compensate.

Enemy Overhaul
Enemies are now even better at coming to kill you! Aimbots now fire Imp-style projectiles, Gitsfish charge at you, and Scorporations now snipe from long range, from behind a shield. Enemies gib or disintegrate depending on how hard you've just killed them. More than one enemy can climb the same wall, and all enemies are now much better at predicting where you'll be.

It's Getting Hot In Herre
Behind Portcullis, there's a new lava zone. The floor is literally lava, so fight across the rooftops, and dash across the new moving platforms into the Aimbot Fab, a new indoor arena with dozens of aimbots to dodge. It feels like a bullet hell! Check back in later - we have big plans for the lava ;)

Take up Mako's quest to save a little girl the corporations don't think is profitable enough to keep alive. In over her head from the first keystroke, Mako has to learn fast to navigate the rapid cycle of corporate espionage and payback that divides ultra-rich executives from everyone else. Choose carefully who to trust as the story begins to unfold.

Other Features
  • Exploding Barrels!
  • Tons of balancing changes - enemy speeds, attacks, hp, etc, weapon damage and RAM costs, and more!
  • New weapon recoil system, affected by the new reduced recoil/spread affixes on items
  • Sprint is faster, but you can no longer shoot while sprinting
  • Depth of Field and Fog video options, plus I fixed 1990 mode!
  • Too many optimizations and bug fixes to list!

Come hang out in the officially verified Black Ice Discord channel[]!

Enjoy! :webcrawler: And please take a second to review the game and tell your friends. It really helps!