Weekly Patch 11: A Library of Features

This week we're introducing loads of new features!

Hotfix (02/12/2018)
  • Adding additional logging to better understand crashes.
  • Updates to Korean localization.
  • Minor update for Chinese (Simplified), German and Spanish.

Run History
You can now view your past runs. Simply select the option from the Main Menu.

Is that a victory on Ascension 15...?

Boss Icon Updates
Boss icons on the map now reveal which boss you are up against in the current Act.

Which boss could this be...?

Fast Mode
We noticed that our community has been getting into speedrunning Slay the Spire recently! We'll slowly be adding in features and allowing the game to run faster for you speedsters.

Simply checkbox "Fast Mode" in the Settings screen to enable this option. If you find issues or think something isn't quite fast enough, let us know!

Twitch Voting!
Hey streamers! You can now allow your channel to vote on your demise victory!

Look for the twitchconfig.txt file in your game directory for more info

Patch Notes:

  • Ascension now goes up to Level 15!
  • New Green card: Expertise

  • Runic Cube relic buffed. No longer has a drawback (used to reduce your Max HP on obtain)
  • The Collector changes. Now only spawns 2 minions. However, revives both minions at once.
  • Torch Head buffed (24 - 31 HP) -> (38 - 40 HP). 6 -> 7 damage.

UI and Effects
  • Ascension Mode can alternatively be unlocked if you have won at least 5 times across all characters.
  • Best Winstreak no longer shows up in Statistics screen if you have never won before.
  • Dropdown menus added to several sections of the game.
  • If you attempt to get a deprecated potion, you now get a Fire Potion.
  • Removed 'Highest Floor:' from Statistics screen as it's not very useful.
  • Removed the 'Defeated boss: Yes' from Statistics screen (there are achievements for each anyway)
  • Removed the Common, Power, Relic, and Card Tip toggle options from Settings. (They're just always on now)
  • Updated animations for Sentry enemy.
  • Updated Enchridion's description to be consistent with other relics.
  • Updating wording for Ascension mode description and the UI in Character Select.
  • You can now toggle levels for Ascension if you want to play a previous level.

Bug Fixes
  • Curses/Statuses that play themselves no longer trigger Powers (Time Warp, After Image, etc)
  • Enchiridion now works with Snecko Eye properly.
  • Fix for a few potential memory leaks.
  • Fixed bug where Singing Bowl's +2 HP option appeared for Codex if you opened the map while viewing the cards.
  • Fixed Hexaghost fire VFX scaling issues (was small!)
  • Fixed issue where incorrect intent damage was shown for Red Slaver.
  • Fixed Well Fed and Stuffed score bonuses not checking health properly.
  • New backend for tracking winstreaks for leaderboards.

  • Spanish is now available!
  • Added credits for Turkish, Russian, and Japanese translators!
  • Turkish gets a new Font.
  • Updates for Chinese (Simplified), Chinese (Traditional).
  • Updates for German, Italian, Japanese, Korean, Turkish.
  • Updates for French, Russian.