Treadnauts v.0.42 Patch Notes

Treadnauts Patch Notes v.0.42

UPDATE 2/7/2018: "The Tanking Off Update"

A massive tank you to everyone who supported us during our first week in Early Access! We're having a great time chatting with the community, hearing your feedback, and playing games with you online!

This update primarily brings bug fixes and quality of life changes. Coming up, we'll be working towards a more stable online experience, and making it easier to find a random game in matchmaking.

  • Driving over terrain with sharp edges is now much easier, and tanks should get stuck on internal corners less frequently (primarily affecting Dreamland and Salt Harbor)
  • Added player usernames to the scoreboard and endgame screen in online matches
  • Random mods are now available in private online lobbies
  • The prompt to set a password for a private online game now displays properly
  • Afterlife targets now spawn with a loaded bullet

  • Fixed an issue in private lobbies that would cause the game to be unenterable for new players after completing a round
  • Fixed several instances where the game would hang on the loading screen forever, especially after completing an online match
  • Players can no longer get in the way of the master player's screen during matchmaking
  • Shattering a bullet no longer occasionally halts your momentum
  • Fixed an issue on Mac where the in-game screens (such as those in the tutorial or Wave District) could become bugged and display a white screen
  • Santi now appears correctly on a player's screen who has not unlocked him when the lobby panel is owned by someone who has
  • Adjusted the sensitivity of wrecking ball kills, they should no longer kill you by driving into them
  • Fixed a rare bug related to save files that would freeze the game at the "controller advised" screen
  • The pause menu no longer freezes time in Target Test
  • Corked mode now displays "shame" prompts properly (and in the correct font)
  • Players can now pause the game during the start-of-round countdown
  • Jump smoke particles now display properly
  • "HURRY UP" prompt no longer appears on the credits screen
  • Fixed the online scoreboard sometimes displaying too wide
  • Very long usernames now display properly
  • Player-colored objects in the background of the level select now display properly
  • Offscreen indicators are no longer visible during the loading screen
  • Jetpack visuals and sounds no longer continue when the player dies in certain circumstances
  • Removed the tank from the Rust Valley 7 target thumbnail
  • Fixed the flowers dropping the wrong color petals on Rust Valley 5
  • Flowers now consistently drop petals when driving over them online
  • Fixed stability issues related to the level-up animation
  • Fixed several issues where you could enter the pause menu/perform other UI features while a new scene was loading in
  • Online lobby no longer shows touchpad prompt for PS4 controllers
  • Tank engine sounds no longer play eternally if you finish a target test while moving
  • Various localization improvements

If you still haven't joined our Discord[], now's a better time than ever! There are plenty of friendly pilots talking Treadnauts and organizing online games.

See you next week!
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