Weekly Patch 10: Quality of Life

Hey everyone,

This week we have updates to the animations, art, and interface!

We updated the animations for several monsters!


Affected monsters include:
  • Book of Stabbing
  • Darklings
  • Fungi Beasts
  • Nemesis
  • Orb Walkers
  • Shelled Parasite
  • Snake Plant
  • Snecko
  • The Champ
  • Time Eater

Rest Site Backgrounds
The rest site background images have been updated! Additionally, they are themed for each area.

The Silent enjoys some silent time...

Patch Notes:

  • Sentry/Darkling anti attack-at-once wasn't working. Fixed
  • Fixes issue where Korean score bonuses were ugly.

  • Adding Cultist + Chosen encounter into City.
  • Adding new Ancient Potion.
  • All 3 Egg relics (Molten/Toxic/Frozen) are now reworked. New eggs are Uncommon.
  • Frozen Egg: Whenever you add a Power card to your deck, it is Upgraded.
  • Molten Egg: Whenever you add an Attack card to your deck, it is Upgraded.
  • Toxic Egg: Whenever you add a Skill card to your deck, it is Upgraded.
  • Removed Elixir Potion from the game.

  • Awakened One buffed to be on par with other Act 3 bosses:
    • Soul Strike: 6 x 3 -> 6 x 4
    • Slash damage 10 -> 20
    • Echo damage 32 -> 40
    • Tackle: 10 x 2 -> 10 x 3
  • All 3 Darklings can never do 8 x 2 dmg at once now.
  • Backstab buffed: Cost lowered to 0. Damage decreased to 11.
  • Bite is now a Colorless card.
  • In the 3 x Sentry elite combat, all of the sentries will no longer attack at once.
  • Reducing 3x Cultist spawn rate as there's a cultist + chosen encounter now.
  • Shiv and J.A.X can no longer spawn from effects like Jack Of All Trades and Transmutation.
  • Warcry tweaked so the unupgraded form is buffed (cost 0, draw 1 place 1).

UI and Effects
  • Abandoning from the Main Menu gets a confirmation popup. Rather than the hacked label update button.
  • Discard/Draw panels can be viewed during screens such as Survivor, Headbutt, and Gambling Chip now.
  • Player and monsters now update while hand card select screen is up and the screen is now 50% (lets you see intent!).
  • Removing 'Spend all [R].' from all X-cost cards for consistency.
  • Skip button is moved from far left to the center for Card Reward screens.

Bug Fixes
  • Bouncing Flask no longer loses bounces to dead enemies.
  • Darkling AI now utilizes aiRNG.
  • Fixed bug where cost X cards do not work with energy gain cards if played too fast.
  • Fixed issue where Ascension Multiplier wasn't multiplied with Ascension Level.
  • Fixed issue where Regret/Decay/Doubt/Burn fails to exhaust via Blue Candle and Medical Kit.
  • Fixed issue where save/load after Neow would make some cards disappear.
  • Fixed issue where thorns would secretly affect ModeShift for TheGuardian.
  • Vajra flavor text typo fix.

  • Turkish is now available!
  • Updates for Chinese (Simplified).
  • Updates for Chinese (Traditional).
  • Updates for Italian.
  • Updates for Japanese.
  • Updates for Korean.
  • Updates for Russian.

  • Event images are now all JPGs.
  • PNG compression for card textures.
  • PNG Compression for Level BGs and Title Screen.
  • PNG compression for most VFX textures.
  • Torch VFX on Act 1 utilizes smaller textures.

Yes, we're still working on the third character.