Treadnauts Early Access launches next week!

One of these tanks could be you!

There’s something in the air: electric screens floating in the mist. Artillery shells arcing over your head. 40-ton tanks soaring, diving, dogfighting in the skies!

After more than a year of development, Treadnauts is almost here. From the lush hills of Rust Valley to the neon lights of the Wave District, Treadnauts has been a strange and wonderful journey for us at Topstitch Games. Next week, it’s your turn to take the trip.

Fight your friends in four vibrant zones, each with their own unique mechanics.
Sharpen your skills with 40 rewarding single-player Target Tests.
Shake things up with more than 30 modifiers: zero gravity, sticky bombs, jetpacks and many more.
Challenge players around the globe in the Treadnauts Online Public Beta.

Where you start is up to you—just don’t forget to tank breaks!

Treadnauts Early Access launches next week!

Treadnauts launches in Early Access on Friday, February 2nd.

In the meantime, you can join us in our Discord channel[].

See you in the stratosphere!