Occupational Upgrade Preview now available!

Hello friends!

The Duplicants have been working so hard lately, we decided to acknowledge their efforts with shiny new job titles! Presenting: The Occupational Upgrade. Now you can assign your Duplicants to specific job types to help improve their skills and organize work around the colony. It’s paid off already! Thanks to advanced specialization, they’ve finally figured out how to move chunks of ore around the colony using a brand new ore transport system!

If you’re interested, you can help us test this new content for the next two weeks before the update goes live. As always, we appreciate your feedback!

What does this preview contain so far?

The following content is available in the Occupational Upgrade preview:

  • New Jobs System
    • New job assignments to cover all aspects of colony life
    • Many jobs have new or updated abilities
    • Revised Food and Decor expectations
    • Redeveloped Jobs screen
    • Hats
  • Food and Crop rebalance
  • Ore Transport System
    • Conveyor Rails
    • Conveyor Inbox and Outbox
  • Ore Transfer Arm
  • Hats
  • Smart Battery
  • Smart Storage Locker
  • Improved Fridge to Smart Fridge
  • Disease Logic Sensor
  • Steam Turbine generator
  • Farm Station
  • Power Control Station
  • Massage table revision
  • A wide variety of bug fixes
  • Hats

Check the patch notes[forums.kleientertainment.com] for the most up-to-date changes!

Occupational Upgrade Preview now available!

For more details on joining the preview branch, check out the official post[forums.kleientertainment.com]

[BETA PREVIEW HOTFIX] 252656 – 1/29/2018

As always, thanks for taking the time to play the Preview build and post your feedback in the forums. Today’s patch is focused on bug fixes and content updates, but we’re working on changes to the Jobs system management and balance as well. These changes will be made a few at a time and require fine tuning, so please bear with us as we get this system where we want it. Thanks for your support and enthusiasm!

Today’s changes:

  • Dupes should once again get woken up by nearby loud sleepers.
  • Build tool hover text card should now properly reflect the currently selected building.
  • Pitcher Pump should no longer be confused about what locations are valid for placement.
  • Deconstructing/Emptying buildings which store liquid should once again drop bottles instead of dumping the liquid onto the floor.
  • Steam turbine now works on a pressure differential and no longer requires water cooling.
  • Research stations should now display their material usage per research point rather than their rate(which is variable according to researcher speed).
  • Liquids should no longer become invisible on OSX/Linux.
  • State changes in pipes should once again cause damage to the pipes
  • Ore transfer arm should now consume power while transferring.
  • Disease overlay meters should now properly track the duplicant’s pivot.
  • Fixed a crash that could occur when deconstructing/emptying planter boxes.
  • Conveyor inbox now consumes power while dispensing.
  • Smart Storage Compactors/Fridges now display whether their logic output is on/off.
  • Conveyor inboxes/outboxes are only useable by transfer arms by default.
  • Manual dupe delivery can be turned on and off.
  • Storage lockers should now properly request more items to be delivered if their contents have been sublimated.
  • Smart locker should now properly send out a logic signal when adjusting the capacity slider.
  • Dig orders should now display status items when there is no one assigned to the required role.
  • Icon on dig orders should now appear different based on the dig order’s role requirement.
  • Dupes should no longer appear with yellow dots as hats in the main menu.
  • Conveyor overlay button should only be accessible after researching Smart Storage.
HOTFIX – 252799
  • fixed a crash that could occur when clicking on certain buildings in the build menu
HOTFIX – 253063
  • Fixed a crash that could occur when using Conveyors.
  • Smart Battery uses correct icon in the Automation Overlay.
  • Clear floor debug menu option should work once again.
  • Oxygen Overlay tooltip should once again show oxygen contents of cells on hover.
  • Fixed a bug with conduit temperature transfer.
  • The word "Unassigned" in the Jobs screen should now be translatable.
  • Sculptures/Paintings should no longer complain about the colony not having an artist after they have been completed.
  • Rooms with only half a horizontal door being accessible should now be properly considered as rooms.
  • Storage Compactors containing sublimating material should no longer animate every time the material sublimates.
  • Missing research station notification should no longer appear as "UNKNOWN TAGs".
  • Click and hovering over a dead Dupe should no longer show a tooltip claiming that the Dupe cannot die because the death job is already assigned.
  • Fixed layering on Heavi Conductive Joint Plate.
  • Groundskeeper job now has a small Athletics affinity and gets experience from flipping compost.
  • Dupes can now dig out buildings before construction materials are delivered for all buildings except Ladders.
  • Higher tier dig orders should no longer be missing dig icons.
  • Printing Pod is no longer overheatable.
  • Steam Turbine should now properly decelerate.
  • Fixed layering on ore leaving the Conveyor Loader.
  • Dupes should no longer consider offscreen ore as reachable.
  • Hovering over a building and switching to the sweep tool should no longer cause hover text to linger on the screen.
  • Fixed the word "germs" showing up twice on one of the germ tooltips.
  • Job mastery tooltip will now properly display what job needs to be mastered.
  • Auto-Sweepers should no longer take equipment off of Dupes.
  • Misc crash fixes.
HOTFIX – 253205
  • Fix for some jobs requiring more experience than intended since the last hotfix
  • If a Dupe has mastered a job and the amount of experience required to master that job changes due to an update/hotfix, that Dupe will now remember that they mastered that job and not be required to regain that experience if they are reassigned to it.
HOTFIX – 253600
  • Fixed a crash that could occur when using transfer arms.
  • Fixed another bug with dupe selection.