The Grand Gift Delivery Results!

The Grand Gift Delivery event has ended and after our summarizations, it is clear that you did it! You helped save Christmas once again! Where would Santa be without all your effort? Well, probably somewhere at the North Pole, but totally exhausted and still sorting through a pile of undelivered gifts.

It's so nice to see how many of you like our World of Trucks[] events which we prepare to bring some extra "late game" fun to our games. Over 300,000 players participated in the event through either ATS, or ETS2, or both games!

With the help of a random number generator, we have drawn the winners of the physical rewards. They should be receiving communication from us on how to choose their physical prizes and how to request the delivery. You can see the full list of those lucky truckers at our blog[].

NOTE: Winners must contact us and claim their prize until the end of February 2018.

If you have found your World of Trucks nickname there, check out your WoTr profile page and follow the instructions which we've sent to you to claim your reward!

And for all those who didn't find their name here - we've started a 20% sale on all our clothing at our merchandise shop[] so if you're interested in exclusive ETS2 or ATS merch, now is the time to grab some! This discount will last only for a few days so make sure you don't miss it!

Thank you all and until next time - take care and have a great time!