Weekly Journal – Release schedule update and introducing Sally

Hey everyone,  

In case you missed it, this morning we released an official announcement that we were delaying We Happy Few to Summer 2018 and as a thank you for being so patient we also teased the new female character player. You can see the video and the announcement we posted here, along with a little taste of the story. We also talk about it in more depth in this week’s production update below.  

Otherwise, it’s onwards to release for us! This week we wanted to make it a good one, so it’s a bit longer than average.



Hi folks - if you haven’t already watched the video about the new release window, these next few paragraphs will probably make no sense. Here it is again if you haven’t seen it. We hope you like meeting Miss Thigh Highs.  

G, Whitney, Alex, Matt and I have been on the project for four years now - we started January 2014. The rest of the team have joined us since then, bringing together their enthusiasm, skill and determination to create a game we’re very excited about. Regardless of whether we’ve been on the project for 4 years or 3 months, today’s decision is a tough one, as is any that involves critically assessing the work you’ve done.  

To elaborate on what I said in the video, once we finished getting the major content into the game, we reviewed how it felt when it fit together. In particular, we noticed that the game had a good pace throughout Arthur's story, except the beginning - that was some of the first content we built a long time ago, and after refining our tools and world, it just didn't cut it any longer. It wasn’t structured well, and we were not doing a good enough job of introducing the world (the lore behind the Wastrels, the Garden District, Arthur, and all that good stuff). We also weren’t sufficiently introducing the game’s mechanics. In retrospect, this is something we should have done better on the Early Access launch too, but hindsight is always 20/20.  

In any event, we didn't think the early game was shippable (among other things), and looking at what we're building now, we are confident that was the right decision. The new intro island is shaping up to be just as weird and wonderful as the rest of the game, as it should be.  

The review was a little while ago, which is why you have seen weekly updates mentioning the revised tutorial island for the past few weeks. It has taken us some time to come to conclusions about what to do design wise, line up funding, organise a new production schedule and release window, in order to be able to make this announcement. Gearbox has been supportive all the way along - I appreciate some of you have had some skepticism about our partnership, but we can only reiterate that they have been excellent partners, and are doing a fantastic job at supporting us while we make We Happy Few the best it can be.  

To look ahead, 2018 is still a very exciting year for us. We’re in finaling mode, so no more new things, just polish and bug fixes to go. I’m very proud of the team for creating something so unique, and we’re all very much looking forward to getting the game in your hands as soon as we can.

Art Team - Whitney, Emmanuel, Tito, Marc-André, Sarah, Guillaume, Cary and PH


This week, I continued the work on the posters and graffiti for the Garden District. Early tests were quite good, now I will have to place them everywhere.

Then I started to remodel some old rubble piles for the player to loot. Those piles have been there for a long time and we want another look for them. Pipes, shiny things, rubbles, dirt, bricks... these have to be intriguing for the player to pique his/her interest. I’m working with David and Whitney towards this goal. Here’s a sneak peek at some chunk of mortared bricks I’m working on.

Weekly Journal - Release schedule update and introducing Sally