Weekly Patch 8: Ooh Shiny!

A wild patch has appeared!

This patch brings in a few big features. These features are in an early stage so please bear with us. Also, it's a good time to give feedback! We like feedback!

Leaderboards are here! Compete with your friends in a few categories such as High Score, Consecutive Wins, and Fastest Victory. We'll be adding more features and filters as we push towards release.

Note: Scores for the leaderboards will be RESET each week as balance and content changes will come in every week.

Score System
To go along with the leaderboards, the score system has been reworked to give bonuses for interesting circumstances!

Upgrade Colorless Cards?!
Colorless cards can now be upgraded! This was also a good time to re-examine and balance several of the cards.

Here's the full list of changes:
  • Apotheosis now costs 2. Upgrades to cost 1.
  • Bandage Up now has upgrade functionality (4HP -> 6 HP)
  • Blind can now upgrade (Single Target -> All enemies)
  • Dark Shackles+. -9 Str -> -15 Str
  • Deep Breath+. Draw 1 -> 2 cards after shuffle.
  • DramaticEntrance+. Damage 6 -> 8.
  • Enlightment+. This turn -> rest of combat.
  • Finesse+. 2 -> 4 Block.
  • Flash Of Steel+. 3 -> 6 damage.
  • Good instincts+. 4 -> 7 Block.
  • J.A.X.+. 2 -> 3 Strength gain.
  • Jack Of All Trades+. 1 random card -> 2 random cards.
  • Madness is nerfed (costs 1 now). Upgrade cost 1 -> 0.
  • Master of Strategy+. Draw 3 -> 4.
  • MindBlast+. Gains Innate.
  • Panacea reworked. Gain 1 Artifact. Exhaust. Upgrades to 2.
  • Panache+ added. 10 -> 14 damage.
  • Purity card rework. 2 cards -> 'up to' 3 cards -> 5 cards on upgrade.
  • Sadistic Nature+. 3 -> 4 damage.
  • Secret Technique+ and Secret Weapon+. Removes Exhaust on upgrade.
  • Shiv+. +2 damage.
  • Swift Strike+. 5 -> 8 damage.
  • Thinking Ahead nerfed. Now exhausts. Upgrade removes Exhaust.
  • Transmutation reworked. Cost X -> Gain X random colorless cards (+upgrades)
  • Trip+. 2 Vulnerable -> 2 Vulnerable to ALL enemies.

Okay, now onto the patch notes:

  • If your game can't start due to a corrupt save, we either load a backup or delete it now. Also, we automatically create backups now! Yay
  • BUG FIX: Fixed issue where leaderboards were not submitting high scores after 3 - 7 games.
  • BUG FIX: Even MORE effort to prevent file corruption.
  • BUG FIX: Resetting variables for various score bonuses at more locations- some bonuses were carrying over.
  • BUG FIX: Win Streaks should now upload as expected in the main branch.
  • LOCALIZATION: Update to Korean localization.

  • Bottled Tornado relic added.

  • Awakened One enemy updated HP 320/240 -> 300/300.
  • Confusion power can now affect Colorless cards.
  • Cursed Key relic no longer gives curses at Boss chests.
  • Dual Wield card is now Uncommon (was Common).
  • Nightmare+ card is nerfed. No longer adds 4 cards, just lowers energy cost.
  • Storm of Steel+ reworked to give upgraded Shivs rather than lowering cost.

UI and Effects
  • Added logic to prevent users from accidentally skipping Calling Bell relics.
  • Adding a Settings button in the Main Menu and removed the Settings button in topright.
  • Cards which are created and immediately discarded now show up on right side of center to prevent overlap.
  • Main Menu buttons are now smaller and spaced closer.
  • MainMenuButtonFont and ButtonLabelFont are merged. Decreasing load time and texture memory usage.
  • Minor wording improvements for the Mysterious Sphere event.
  • Polished art for Bottled Flame, Lightning, and Tornado relics.
  • Removed two tips: Colorless can't be upgraded and Colorless cards always cost 0.
  • Sounds in Background in Settings is now Ambient Sound Effects so its purpose is clarified.
  • Updated death screen score display to support 2 columns if greater than 8 items on list.
  • Updates for CN (Simplified), CN (Traditional), German, Russian, and Korean.
  • Wording: Campfire -> Rest Site for Girya and Peace Pipe.
  • Wording: Consistency in description for Ancient Tea Set and Eternal Feather.
  • Wording: Levels are now referred to as Acts to prevent Floor/Level confusion moving forward.

Bug Fixes
  • Saving files are now atomic, preventing corrupt files forever (hopefully)
  • Fixed issue where Blood for Blood cost was permanently lowered if damaged at Neow.
  • Fixed rare crash for RemoveSpecificPowerAction.
  • Fixed several formatting issues for Japanese. We still need translators!
  • Utilizing a saved RNG for several cards, events, monsters so that saving/loading shows the same content.

We now have an official Discord link:
Feel free to stop by and say hello!