Weekly Journal – Happy New Year!

Hey everyone,  

Most of the office is now back at work after a much needed holiday break and we are ready to take on 2018!  



Hi everyone, happy new year! From everyone here at Compulsion, we hope you’ve had time over the new year period to relax and check out some great games.

Since November, we have been reviewing game mechanics, playthroughs and all of the nitty gritty details that go into making a game. Many of us on the team have been in almost constant review meetings, going over everything with a fine toothed comb, deciding what’s working well, what isn’t, and what needs improvement. One initial decision we made was to improve Arthur’s first two hours, which we have spoken about in the past few weekly journals.

We’ve now progressed into different type of decisions, for example, which features to keep and which just aren’t interesting enough. For example, we just don’t think the gifting function is great as it is currently implemented, and the time we would need to improve it is better spent elsewhere. So, we’re restricting gifting to Bobbies only (which already have good realisation), and probably renaming it as “bribery”. We will post more about what we’ve been doing on this front, and the big picture calls we’ve had to make as a result of all of these changes, next week.

Narrative Team – Alex and Lisa


We’ve all been scrambling to rebuild the first two hours of Arthur’s playthrough so it functions as a better tutorial while also being more spectacular and “sticky.” We’ve also rejiggered the order of islands you’ll have to cross, and fixed the logic of your interactions with a certain very important person. So for me, that means writing and recording about 500 new lines of encounter dialog.  

Meanwhile we’ve been recording barks to clarify why exactly NPCs are pissed off at you. Altogether, let’s say I recorded about 1100 lines of dialog in five recording sessions with actors in London, LA, and somewhere in New Zealand.  

Also, in my copious free time, I’ve been reworking the scripts to Top Secret Project #1. I realized that it was impossible to get into the head of Top Secret Person #1, so I gave her a troublesome person to talk to. This really has opened things up.  

Wot I Did Over My Winter Vacation: I suck at vacation. Lisa is much better at it. But either way, over the break, Lisa and I did a lot of research and kicking around ideas for Top Secret Project #4. Some of this is quite a bit in advance. But we like to have time to write, then realize the writing is broken, then reformulate. As all pro writing monkeys know, writing is rewriting. We think you’ll be really excited … sometime … in the future … forget you even read this.

Design Team – David, Hayden, Antoine, Adam, Ben, Eric, Roxanne and Benji


Well, this week and the last few have been 100% dedicated to making sure Arthur’s playthrough is the best it can be. We restructured some things, changed a bit of the narrative, fixed a ton of bugs, rearranged some things, made a few schedules, excel sheets, had some meetings, and got fat(ter) over Christmas. So far it’s turned out a lot better than where it was 2 months ago. It’s starting to shape up into the game we wanted to make. So that’s cool. That all said, I think every game I’ve worked on has scared me until the last like 3 to 5 months of production. It’s like a broken mess, until it’s not. Then it’s like, “oh hey, this is cool!”.


This week, I added quest rewards to all Arthur’s playthroughs quests, including adding skill points everywhere, and added a bunch of recipes so all our new clothes and weapons are spawning. I also worked on our ambient civilians (what we call “AI Decorators”), to make sure Wellington Well is full of life.

Animation Team – JR, Rémi, Vincent, Mike P, Jules, Raph and Franzi


Hey folks! Hope you all had a great holiday. I’m back and working on some sweet ass cutscenes. We are working hard to make your immersion into our games as wicked as possible and so this week I’ve worked on a little cutscene that’ll make getting bullied in high school because you were wearing the wrong clothes, look like a walk in the park. Like one of the instructors on my Basic Training said, “If you want to stay out of trouble in the army, look at everyone else is doing, divide by half and do that.” I still don’t really know what he meant by that, but save it to say that we will try our bestest to prevent the locals from playing whack a mole with your skull! That’s it for me, so tune in next week! Same Bat Time same Bat Channel!


Hi all! I’m starting this new year with a task I haven’t done in a long time, polishing my animation. I’ve done the majority of the NPC attacks and I must say, it’s looking great! I am sharing some of them with you today and will bring you more next week. I hope you will like them!


Weekly Journal - Happy New Year!


Weekly Journal - Happy New Year!


Weekly Journal - Happy New Year!