v1.4 Patch Notes

This update was largely dedicated to localization, adding German, Korean, Japanese, Portuguese, Spanish, and Italian language support. It also includes AI and interface improvements.


  • Improved bot running and gunning.


  • Added support for the German language.
  • Korean is now a supported language.
  • Added Japanese language support.
  • The Portuguese language is now supported.
  • The game is now available with a French localization.
  • Spanish is now a supported language.
  • Support for Italian is now functional.
  • Fixed issues with the server and map names not translating back into english until window was reopened on the Join Server menu.
  • The word Knife is now properly translated in Korean and Japanese.
  • Most of the options menu and join server menu is now refreshed when changing language, some text in the bindings though is still being stubborn.
  • Added translation support for the Display Mode and Vsync options.

User Interface

  • Hint boxes now use a new UI so they can properly stretch or shrink in size for different languages.
  • The localization selection icons have been moved from the top tabs area to the bottom of the GUI to provide room for additional languages.
  • Added a bit of extra whitespace between the primary and secondary weapon backups to properly support the longer text.
  • Adjusted the options menu to better support longer text and to scale if needed, but for the most part making the window larger fixed a lot of the issues.
  • Adjusted the Help Tab window to make it better support longer text, it should work properly with all languages now.