v1.3 Patch Notes

The 1.3 patch focused primarily on 2 new features: Localization and Leaderboards. Both required quite a few changes under the hood so they took a few days of work to get implemented. The localization work was mostly converting over the hints and text over items to work in a way that worked with the Localization in Unreal Engine. As a result they might look a bit different than before and the tips are still due some additional work after this patch. We provided a basic translation for Simplified Chinese and Russian to start off with and is still a work in progress with the Russian one still needing a bit more work to be sized properly in all instances.

The default language is English, but you can change these from each the Join Server Window or from the Options Window. It should change everything as soon as you make your choice, but if there are any lingering issues please restart the client. More languages will be added in future patches, but both of these languages introduce particular challenges that will help us make changes for other languages.

The other additional is the introduction of a Leaderboards. This is available by pressing “L” or clicking on the Leaderboard button from the main menu. The leaderboard information is cached and updated every 5 minutes and Steam names are also cached in the process. The leaderboard information is pulled down every time you visit the Lobby so it should be available as soon as you start up the client and will be refreshed upon returning to it after a match is over. It currently is displaying the following 3 boards: Matches won (with at least 1 player kill), Players Killed, and Bots Killed. Your score for each of these boards are also displayed at the bottom of the top 10 lists.


  • Localization is now functional. It should be noted that localization is a work in progress and we hope to improve the translations and add additional languages over time. You can alter your localization in the Options by clicking on the appropriate flag icons.
  • Added support for Simplified Chinese.
  • Added support for Russian.

User Interface

  • We needed to make some adjustments to GUIs and systems which were using TextRender components in order to properly support localization. During this process the appearance of some things has been altered.
  • There are new localization flag icons on both the Join Server and Options Menus to easily switch between localizations.
  • A new Leaderboard UI was added. You can press the ‘L’ button or access it from the Main Menu. It will show the top 10 players in matches won (requires at least 1 played killed), Players Killed, and Bots Killed. Top 10s are cached and could take a few minutes to update upon finishishing a match. It will also display your values, which are not cached and updated each time you load into the lobby.