Weekly Patch 6: We’re Back!

Hey, we hope everyone has had a good restful break. But it's time to get back to work, and that means back to weekly patches!

This weekly patch brings BETA-level localization for:
  • Chinese (Traditional)
  • French
  • German
  • Japanese
  • Russian

We're lacking in community translators! If you're willing to give us a hand (see the image above), stop by the official Slay the Spire Discord's localization channel.[discord.gg] Thank you all in advance!

Our open beta testers have probably noticed that we have begun work on leaderboards as well! We hope to get that shiny and stable soon.

Alright, let's patch notes:

  • Neow now offers a new risk/reward option rather than Skip -> Replace starter relic with a random Boss relic.
  • Neow now offers a new option: Neow's Lament.
  • New green card, Alchemize. Description withheld for spoiler reasons.
  • New green card, Nightmare. Description withheld for spoiler reasons.
  • Two new weak encounters are added to the weak monster pool on level 1.

  • Book of Stabbing elite nerf. Has 8 less HP and a new move that deals 21 damage. While doing this move, the multi-stab doesn't increase in stab count.
  • Champ AI improvements. Minor heavy slash damage nerf. Should never gain Metallicize two turns in a row now.
  • Corpse Explosion is now affected by Powers (Vulnerable, Strength, Pen Nib, etc)
  • Elixir potion buff: Now also affects Curses.
  • Explosive Power trigger is now resolved before other actions.
  • For the 2 Orb Walker encounter they now attack left -> right.
  • For the 3 Cultist encounter they now attack left -> right.
  • Looter is moved from weak monster pool to regular monster pool (only appears after fighting 3 other 'weak' encounters on level 1)
  • Now tracking win streaks and highscore (per character) in the backend.
  • Offering card gets a minor change. HP Loss is now 4. Card draw upgrades from 3 -> 5.
  • Spheric Guardian's heavy attack is now a multi-hit. 20 -> 10 x 2.

UI and Effects
  • Centurion's animation is now a bit less 3D and slowed by 20%.
  • Match and Keep event now has art.
  • Spheric Guardian gets new animations.
  • The Chosen gets new animations.
  • The Mystic gets new animations.
  • Wheel of Change event now has art.
  • Actions such as shuffling your deck should now be faster as it no longer waits for the cards to fly into the deck.
  • Calling Bell's relic reward screen must now be closed before proceeding. This prevents accidentally skipping them- also mimics Tiny House and Orrery's UI.
  • Cards that create Wounds and others into your deck/discard now take considerably less time.
  • Cards within Bottles should now show up if they appear on a grid-based select screen (such as upgrade screen)
  • Clarification for Normality. Per turn -> This turn.
  • Cleaning up some of the Neow reward language to be more consistent.
  • Draw Pile is now Sorted by Rarity and card name when viewing (rather than randomized)
  • Hotkey for Discard Pile added. Press S during combat.
  • Hotkey for Draw Pile added. Press A during combat.
  • Powers now expire 0.9 seconds faster (visually) than before.
  • Prayer Wheel now says that chests also contain cards rather than 'contains cards' to avoid confusion.
  • The character select screen now displays your unlock progress per character.
  • Unceasing Top now clarifies that it's during your turn only.
  • Unceasing Top now triggers 0.2 seconds faster.

Bug Fixes
  • Black Blood, Burning Blood, and Meat on the Bone no longer heal you if you are dead.
  • Capitalization of exhaust -> Exhaust. For card picking screens.
  • Cards now teleport instantly (logically, not visually) fixing race conditions with Headbutt and Unceasing Top.
  • Enemies that remove debuffs no longer keep the str gain portion of Piercing Wail/Dark Shackles.
  • Eviscerate's cost now correctly decreases when it is discarded.
  • Fixed bug where Achievements say they are hidden even when they are unlocked.
  • Fixed crash when attempting to upgrade at an event when you have no cards that can upgrade.
  • Fixed odd crash when loading into a boss room if it's your 3rd boss fight ever.
  • Fixed typo for Cleric event. Wandering -> Wondering.
  • Little gremlins no longer yell about escaping if they're dead. Corpses don't yell.
  • Loading a save during combat should now show consistent HP, AI, and starting deck.
  • Looter + Mugger fight no longer allows you to steal back extra gold if you ran out of gold.
  • Potential fix for fast drag and drop card play not triggering card effects sometimes.
  • Reaper now heals as part of the attack now, not after (you heal before thorns hit you).
  • Runic Cube now triggers off of Thorns as intended.
  • slime like -> slime-like.
  • Thievery Power now has correct name being applied to the Power.
  • View Upgrade toggle now line breaks (as some languages the text goes off screen).
  • When abandoning a run from the Main Menu, fixed an issue where Neow wouldn't bless even if you reached the boss.
  • When abandoning a run from the Main Menu, it now counts as a loss in your statistics.

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