v1.2 Patch Live

The v1.2 patch is now live and features some important improvements and bug fixes.

The most important change is the addition of a key binding system. This is something which players had been asking for and is now available. We also introduced a new Speed Enhancement Power Up, our fourth power up type.

Animations received a quality pass, and we have fixed some issues and improved rifle transitions. Running and gunning also reduces speed now if you are strafing or backpedaling. This is not reduced to the level of aiming but there is a slowdown now where there was none before.

Audio spatialization, invert mouse options, and a slew of smaller tweaks and bug fixes are also included. You can read the full patch notes below.


  • Improved rifle movement animations by adding an additional blend when moving slowly.
  • Fixed a hitch in the pistol backpedal animation.


  • Improved wind spatialization on the outdoor map.


  • Added Speed Enhancement Power Up spawners to the Royale map.


  • You now move more slowly when running and strafing or backpedaling.
  • Fixed an issue which made players appear to float slightly above ground after running out of jet fuel if they continued to hold the space bar when jet packing.
  • Fixed an issue with speed enhancements or impairments allowing dead players to move.

Power Ups

  • Introduced new Speed Enhancement Power Ups. These power ups automatically place the player into sprint mode and provides them with unlimited stamina for 20 seconds. This allows them to sprint that entire time without losing stamina. Pressing and releasing the shift key will cancel out of this effect early if desired.

User Interface

  • Keybinding options are now available in the UI. You can remap all “action” inputs such as shoot, jump, reload, etc. You cannot remap movement and camera actions (mostly WASD, camera rotation, etc) at the moment. It supports resetting back to the defaults, should change color if duplicate, alt+shift+ctrl support, gamepad support, and mouse button support as well.
  • Added a visual reference to the bottom of the screen for the 1st slots for your primary and secondary backpack slots.
  • Added an Invert Mouse/Gamepad option to the settings.
  • Map now refreshes when the match starts to clear out some capture issues with the map and first loading in.
  • Map is now hidden when waiting on a match to start as it doesn’t match to where you are as you are under the map in a holding area.
  • Match time now stacks on top of the map so if the map is hidden it will move down toward the bottom of the screen.


  • Increased chance laser weapons will load on the map.