Seasonal Greetings and a Happy New Year

Hello Humans,

It's incredible to see the journey Human: Fall Flat has made since being completed in the Summer of 2016.
You were so active and supportive that I wanted to say thank you by releasing the Aztez level and with so many requests I could not help but research online multiplayer.
It seemed impossible (due to the game mechanics and trying to keep it all synchronised) but thanks to your support and kind words we managed to get a working online multiplayer mode into Human: Fall Flat.

The next most prominent feature request is to add Steam Workshop, which was attempted one year ago.
But due to the added multiplayer mode causing the game to change so much, the old workshop implementation became pretty much useless.
After seeing so much demand, and in response to all your hard work unlocking the Seasonal Holiday skins, today I announce that the workshop will be the thing that I will dedicate myself to working towards AFTER the holidays.
The exact features and functionality will become more evident after some experiments are carried out in the new year. Stay tuned to find out more then.

In the meantime, I leave you all with one more present challenge.
If you can all collectively deliver 30,000 present, you'll unlock for every Steam user the Santa skin, just in time for Christmas.
And a special present for all the most voted for community skin, the Ninja, will be available tomorrow as our Christmas present to all.

Happy Holidays
Tomas Sakalauskas

P.S Curve will be picking out random winners from the community skin suggestions; they will contact said winners in the new year.