V1.1 Patch is Live

Our first patch since Early Access Release is mostly a Quality of Life patch to improve using and switching weapons along with a few bug fixes and adjustments. The major QoL improvements are to pickup and backpack switching. You can now switch out your primary and secondary weapons with the 1st slot in the backpack by holding down 1 and 2 for half a second respectively (up/down d-pad on a controller). You will stow any weapon out and swap the weapon with the one in your backpack then equip it.

To go along with the switching changes we introduced improvements to picking up weapons as well. If using ‘E’ you will now backpack the weapon you have active and will then grab the new weapon instead of telling you your hands are full. By default it will also now drop the weapon in your hand if your backpack is full, you can disable this in the options if you don’t want it to ever drop a weapon without doing it manually. ‘F’ works in a similar fashion with dropping with the 1st slot being dropped to make space. So in short if you want to use the weapon you are picking up use ‘E’, if you want to stash it in your backpack use ‘F’.

We introduced a handful of other smaller changes: Toggle sprint option (disabled by default, can be enabled in the options), controller adjustments to follow better norms (see notes below we changed nearly everything) we are almost there with full play session support for gamepads, less initial spread on sniper rifles, rifles, and pistols, new win screen, auto reload when empty (enabled by default, can disable in options), more info messages on dropping and backpack usage, can now drop stowed weapons, and more listed below.

Finally we fixed a critical bug found during testing with interaction and multiple players near the same object that would screw up their pickup states. This was fixed along with proper locking so an item cannot be picked up by 2 players. Thanks Dark and crew for helping with that one.

We hope you enjoy the new patch and want to wish everyone a Merry Christmas.


  • Improved animation blending when picking up items with a weapon equipped.
  • Aim Backpedaling with a melee weapon equipped now players a backpedaling animation.


  • Fixed a bug which was causing footstep sounds to play twice when a pistol was equipped.


  • Left and Right Arrow keys should now properly movely you like A/D does.
  • Right shift will now sprint.
  • Right alt will now crouch.
  • Num 0 can now be used to equip.
  • You can now use B to exit the vehicle (controller)
  • Added the option to have sprint work as a toggle instead of a hold down. You can find it in the options, by default it is disabled.
  • Added sprint to the gamepad by pressing the left stick. It is setup as a toggle no matter the settings as holding it down and moving is rather difficult.
  • Controller inputs got moved around a bit: A - Jump, X - Reload, Y - Interact, B - Backpack, Right Stick Press - Drop, Left Stick Press - Sprint (Toggle), Left Shoulder - Crouch, Right Shoulder - Equip/UnEquip.
  • Weapon switching now has an option to hold it down for half a second to swap out the weapon with the one in your backpack.
  • Fixed an issue with moving forward/backwards on the bike with the controller using the left stick (controller)


  • Pickups are now properly checking if they are active on the server in the case of 2 people grabbing around the same time, whomever gets to it 2nd on the server will not get a “Too slow” message instead of the pickup.
  • Fixed an issue where the pickup code was telling other players incorrectly to pickup an item if more than 1 player was near the pickup.


  • Fixed a floating rocket on the indoor map.


  • It now restores stamina at the start of a match.
  • Reduced the time the server locks down the players from connecting to the server from 30 seconds to 15 seconds before the match starts.
  • Updated some tips in the tutorial to the new gamepad controls and added a few more.
  • Camera collision improvements.
  • Fixed an issue where shortly after grabbing something, aiming, and firing it would adjust the camera from breaking the interaction of the grabbing from earlier. It will now check if aiming and ignore the camera adjustment now.
  • Fixed a jump related bug which allowed you to glide if macroed.
  • Fixed a typo on the tip explaining bots.
  • Fixed a typo in the E-Shield tip in the tutorial.
  • Put in a few additional checks on dropping to make sure you aren’t dropping during some states like equip and pickup as it was causing some issues.

User Interface

  • Pressing the 1,2, or 3 button to switch to primary, secondary, or melee weapon will now automatically equip the weapon if it was the weapon you already had selected and the weapon was stowed.
  • Reduced the transparency of the selection graphic for the inventory item icon so it is a bit easier to see which item is active.
  • A new win screen was added when you win a match.
  • Adjusted the time display to be slightly more accurate, it was often off by 1 second.
  • Put a short delay on displaying the minimap when a level first loads into the Waiting Room on the outdoor map to give the lightmaps time to load. This corrects an issue where there would be seams in places on the minimap on some systems.
  • Adjusted backpack opening to interrupt some interaction states so it can open, this mostly was noticeable after picking up a weapon and it taking a bit of time to be able to open.


  • Fixed an issue which was preventing vehicle ramming damage from affecting other players.


  • Sniper rifle now has less initial spread so it should be more accurate when shooting.
  • Handguns and rifles now have less initial spread as well. They still have the same spreading afterwards, but the first shot should be a bit more accurate.
  • Added auto reload when a weapon empties and you have ammo to reload. It is enabled by default and can be disabled in the options if you desire.
  • Weapons can now be dropped while stowed.
  • Pickup (E) usage has changed a bit. You will now backpack whatever weapon you have when using it if there is room and pickup the new weapon. This makes it easier to use E to force a pickup and F to add it to your backpack.
  • Weapons now display a message when added to the backpack.
  • Dropping will now display a message.
  • Dropping from the backpack will now display a message.
  • Added an option called “Drop if Backpack Full” to the options. It is enabled by default and will force dropping of either the held or stowed weapon if using (E) if the backpack is full or backpack slot 1 if using (F). This can be disabled in the option if you would rather it not ever drop anything without you doing it yourself.
  • If you hold down 1 or 2 (or up/down on gamepad) for half a second it will now swap out the weapon with the one in your backpack slot then will equip the weapon for use.