‘Tis the season!

Best wishes from the whole team at Thing Trunk!
We would like to take this opportunity to thank you for the fun we had together this year and all the support you gave us! Together we hunted down a lot of bugs and came up with a number of new features and improvements. We also wish you even better 2018, with even more cards dropping and Gargoyles too lazy to jump away. After all, it will be the year in which Book of Demons launches. Lots of cool stuff ahead.

Matt likes to tinker with music and video in his free time and recently he has been preparing something special for you. Without a further ado, I present you with the one and only Book of Demons music video!
In other news: supporters bundle is now available on Steam
From the very start, on our Book of Demons website, we’ve been offering an option to become an official supporter of the Return 2 Games series. Now we’re bringing it to Steam, and yes, this includes the option to upgrade to Supporter’s Bundle if you already own Book of Demons. That’s what the bundle upgrade is for – it adjusts the price automatically so you only need to pay the difference. Some of you probably noticed that the bundle was available on and off for a week now - it was us testing ways of creating it in a way that would be most convenient and possible in Steam's framework.

So, again without a further ado:

The pack upgrade is for those of you who already own Book of Demons but wish to support the idea further.
If you don't own the game yet but want to make a leap of faith and get it and the Supporter's Pack at the same time, the bundle is for you.

We had to make both bundle and pack because of how Steam works. It was the only way to grant owners access to future products.

But what is the Supporter's Pack anyway?
In short, the R2G Supporter Pack is a way for our biggest fans to support our future development and to receive all forthcoming R2G games once they become available. Because yes, Book of Demons was planned from the start as the first installment in a series of games.

Anticipating a flood of questions to follow, Matt wrote an article on our dev blog[thingtrunk.com] that goes into more detail, describes our motivation and analyzes some of the perils we might face ahead. If you’re thinking about going above and beyond in supporting us, be sure to read it, so that you know what to expect now and in the future.

As always,
Stay safe in dungeons :paperheart: