Weekly Patch 5: Happy Holidays!

Hey everyone,

Chinese (Simplified) Community Translation
In today's weekly patch, you will find a community translation for Chinese (Simplified). Keep in mind that there is differing render logic so you may experience some issues. Please let us know if you see anything strange and we will do our best to fix it!

Holiday Time Off
As we are nearing the holidays seasons we want to let you know that Weekly Patch 6 will NOT be coming next week but the week after (January 4, 2018).

Okay, patch notes time:

  • <50% hp logic becomes a bit more consistent, potential fix for Red Skull not triggering.
  • Book of Stabbing is completely reworked. Lots more stabbing, and a lot less random.
  • Bronze Scales damage increased from 2 -> 3 to better match The Guardian.
  • Bullet Time now affects all cards currently in hand, works with Madness, and no longer applies a Power to you.
  • Card Crippling Poison+ gets buffed from 4 -> 5 Poison & Weak.
  • Card Dash+ gets +1 damage and +1 Block.
  • Card FlameBarrier+ gets buffed. Deals 2 more damage back.
  • Forgotten Altar now gives you the Max HP before damaging you. This way you won't die if the damage hits you first.
  • Guardian boss buff. When it rolls into defensive mode, gains more initial block (20).
  • Knowing Skull event gets reworked. Die to your greed now.
  • Nemesis elite HP lowered from 200 -> 175.
  • New Potion, Elixir.
  • Panache card gets nerfed (4 card trigger -> 5 card trigger).
  • Pen Nib and Double Damage (Phantasmal Killer) now stack as they're separate powers.
  • Red Slaver's AI is updated to not apply Vulnerable on turn 1.
  • Taskmaster's AI is reworked to be more straightforward.
  • You can no longer encounter Shops in ? nodes after a Shop.

UI and Effects
  • Lots of work to make character based line breaking available for certain languages (CN, JP, KR).
  • Experimental letterboxing is no longer experimental! When fullscreen with an unsupported aspect ratio, the game is letterboxed.
  • Bird-Faced, Well-Laid, All-Out, Self-Forming gets hyphenated.
  • Block and Deck count are now in a bolder font.
  • Cultist no longer has a move name for Dark Strike (just attacks).
  • Envenom card gets a wording update for clarity.
  • Innate keyword now says 'start each combat with' rather than 'start combat with'.
  • Raising the Slaver's position a bit for Slaver + Parasite combat (power hidden by card).
  • Removed the 'items in red aren't implemented' msg in Settings as there are no unimplemented settings in there now.
  • Removing +X Gold text which appears when gold rains from the sky.
  • Slightly changed how patch notes are rendered.
  • Text for resolution, fps, and language togglers are now centered (was left aligned).
  • Updating description for Envenom power to mention unblocked dmg.
  • Wording update for Juzu bracelet to specify regular monster encounters (as events can have enemies).
  • Centurion gets new animations.
  • Mode Shift Power gets a new icon.
  • Painful Stabs gets a power icon.
  • Pen Nib power gets a new icon (temporary).
  • Sharp Hide Power gets a new icon.
  • Thorns power gets a new icon.
  • Vajra gets updated art.

Bug Fixes
  • Achievements unlocked while Steam wasn't running now unlock when you open the stats screen.
  • Blue Candle relic's flavor text typo fix.
  • Dazed and Clumsy now exhaust even if retained via Well Laid Plans (all Ethereal cards).
  • Fix for markup language formatting appearing for Neow options (due to brackets).
  • Fixed a new line character placed incorrectly for dead adventurer's event.
  • Fixed issue where energy icons weren't wrapping if overflowed onto a line for char line breaking fonts.
  • Fixed issue where the POWER ID was used when powers were wearing off.
  • Fixed odd mouse movement scaling when game was letterboxed.
  • Fixing ~ symbols in accursed blacksmith event.
  • Floating point rounding error fixes for MagicFlower sometimes healing 8.
  • Insect-controlling -> typo in The Library event's text.
  • Keywords for cards now cleared on upgrade (Limit break was showing exhaust tooltip post upgrade).
  • Loading a game post combat was disallowing elites from dropping relics afterwards. Fixed.
  • Meat on the Bone, Red Skull, Slime's Split, and Berserk all trigger on less than or equal to 50% HP and desc are updated to reflect this
  • Nloth's relic choices were alphabetical. Now it's random.
  • Potential Fix for an edge case Bottled Tornado/Lightning issue.
  • Potions now save using their ID rather than their NAME (wasn't loading in other languages).
  • Previewing cards via Armaments wasn't applying powers. Fixed.
  • Purity and Pact achievement should now trigger more consistently.
  • Removing smoke VFX when enemies take damage as it was behaving oddly and adding little.
  • Singing Bowl flavor text typo fix.
  • Text on cards should look a bit more crisp when they are hovered over now.
  • Transmorgrifier -> Transmogrifier.
  • TriggerOnOtherCardPlayed() for cards is no longer triggered by end turn end-turn auto play cards (curses).
  • Vampires event dialog option is slightly shortened so it fits in the option.
  • You can no longer open the potions dropdown if you're holding a card.

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