Cupdate – Hotfix v1.1.4

Hotfix Patch Notes 1.1.4

• Fixed soft lock when the player parries and dies at the same time
• Fixed issue where game appears in a tiny resolution
• Fixed rare issue where loading screen plays forever
• Fixed Cagney Carnation face attack so it consistently has proper anticipation cue timing

Additionally, we are now offering a "Legacy" branch of Cuphead under the Betas tab in the properties window. The Legacy branch of Cuphead will be the exact launch build of Cuphead, with no applied patches and no future support. It contains all of the exploits and bugs of the launch version and is available for those who prefer to play that version. WARNING - Switching to the Legacy version of Cuphead may corrupt or erase your present saves. The Legacy version and Current version of Cuphead share the same pool of saves and moving between the two of them has a high probability of corrupting or erasing your present Cuphead saves. StudioMDHR offers no present or future support for the Legacy version of Cuphead. Use it at your own risk.