v1.0 Patch Notes

The v1.0 patch is now live. It features additional polish and bug fixes based on feedback from this weekend's test sessions.


  • Reduced volume of the continuous beam weapon attacks.

Interactive Objects

  • Adjusted the physics on the leaning targets in the tutorial so they had a bit less force on their spring.
  • The leaning targets in the tutorial can now be activated by all weapon types.
  • Disabled camera collision on the leaning targets in the tutorial to fix a bug where the camera could flip out if you were standing on top of one when it reset.

User Interface

  • The text above the player’s head now starts empty instead of saying “Text”. You can see it zoning in and in some instances when a character pops in.
  • Scoreboard will automatically be popped up for the winning player after a match ends. It was previously only displaying on players who were killed.
  • Adjusted the Dismount indicator on the GUI to show the Escape key rather than Alt-X though you can still use Alt-X if you prefer.


  • Improved the replication of bikes and players when running together to hopefully fix a few problems.
  • You can no longer attempt to ride a bike that someone else is riding.
  • When you die on a bike you will now be properly dismounted from it.
  • Made some adjustments to the indicator so it wouldn’t show up improperly for others.
  • You can now dismount vehicles with the Escape key.
  • Fixed an issue where over the network the character attached to the bike was not attached to the bike.


  • Dying when in sniper scope view will now remove the view so that you can see the UI and scoreboard.