V0.71b hotfix

Hey everyone,

Here are some fixes and improvements to last weeks v0.71 release. Including some balance of the new calorie system.

  • Fixed dying with toggle crouch on causing issues in hanging cutscene
  • Fixed old saves resetting the strength stat value (if not saved over)
  • Calories system balance pass, should make weight and strength more manageable
  • Fixed dried meat eaten from inventory having the calories applied twice
  • Added calories display in stats page
  • Fixed blue berries, soda, fish, generic meat and oysters yielding wrong calories amount or having wrong displayed amount
  • Fixed crafting recipes with overlapping ingredients and different costs not completable before having done the recipes will fewer ingredients. It will now check all valid recipes and pick the completed one with highest amount of ingredients, completing ones with fewer ingredients can be achieved by having less ingredients on the crafting mat than other recipes require (ie: it is now possible to make rabbit fur boots before the small rock bag)
  • Fixed shoes vanishing when on turtle shell sled
  • Fixed colliders on tennis players being too large

As always, please continue to post your bug reports and feedback in the Discussions area of the Community Hub